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Conquer Your Joint Pain with Heal-N-Soothe

Don’t compromise your health to manage your chronic joint pain. While over-the-counter NSAIDs and prescription painkillers seem convenient, they are not worth the risks they pose to your health. Stomach bleeding, liver failure, and an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke are just a few of the dangers that come with taking these medications. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to these harmful drugs that work with your body instead of against it.
Heal-N-Soothe, a supplement from Living Well Nutraceuticals, combines several of these natural alternatives into one pain-fighting capsule with the Systemic Enzyme Formula. Each capsule contains a blend of proteolytic enzymes and 12 of mother nature’s toughest pain relievers designed to tackle several different sources of joint pain. To understand how Heal-N-Soothe’s Systematic Enzyme Formula can help soothe your joint pain, you must understand how the body naturally reduces inflammation and soreness.

How Your Body Naturally Soothes Pain

Inflammation occurs as your body’s natural response to an injury. Swelling and scar tissue protect the injury and make the damaged area more difficult to move so that it can heal. Once the injury is healed, your body releases proteolytic enzymes which soothe pain and inflammation by dissolving scar tissue. Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of these enzymes in our bodies diminishes, and minor injuries seem to ache without end. While your injury has healed, your body lacks the enzymes to reverse the painful and inflammatory protective layer.

Heal-N-Soothe Boosts Your Body’s Natural Healing Processes

Heal-N-Soothe’s Systematic Enzyme Formula contains the proteolytic enzymes that your body stops producing as it ages, so unlike over-the-counter pain-killers, this supplement can actually increase the efficiency of your body’s natural healing processes to conquer your pain safely. Heal-N-Soothe also contains herbal ingredients – including bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, boswellia extract, rutin, yucca root, ginger, devil’s claw, and citrus bioflavonoids – that are widely known to reduce pain and inflammation through powerful antioxidants and other naturally occurring compounds.

Order Heal-N-Soothe’s Systematic Enzyme Formula on their official website and receive your first 30-day supply (90 capsules) completely FREE. After your first free month, Heal-N-Soothe will send you a new bottle every 30 days for only $49.95 per bottle. They even cover the cost of shipping! If you prefer to purchase a single bottle, you will receive a 30-day supply for just $59.00. Take your health into your own hands and conquer your joint pain safely and naturally with Heal-N-Soothe.


Jeff Herman’s blog about statute

Sexual assault is one of the biggest crises facing modern America, this cannot be overstated. Every year, thousands of people, men and women, are victims of a sexual predator or rapist. Many times, a person will have to wait months, or even years, for recovery to come to themselves and their friends and loved ones. However, if they wait too long, they will never get justice. Hard to believe? Well, the state of New York has a statute in place which limits the timeframe for a victim to press charges or file a lawsuit for a sexual assault. This limit is five years. Or, if the accused is a part of an organization like a church or school, that time frame is limited to one year. However, this may change, as many people fight against this statute.

Among these fighters is Jeff Herman, founder and owner of Herman Law Firm. Herman has established himself as a standard for cases of sexual assault, rape, or sexual exploitation. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people. Herman has acted as both an advisory lawyer, as well as a trial lawyer, and has won numerous cases. Herman also prides himself on being able to act almost like a psychiatrist to patients, especially children, who have a much harder time coming to grips with the crimes carried against them.

Also amongst the fighters are the actor and activist Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard. Corey Feldman is well known for playing child characters in the 80s, in hits like The Goonies and Gremlins. Recently, Feldman has become a social activist, and his newest project is to rid the state of New York of this statute. Feldman is very passionate about the subject, saying “When it comes to childhood abuse, there is no way to get that light back.” Sarah Powers-Barnhard is a US international volleyball player, who, in her younger years was sexually assaulted by her coach, along with dozens of her teammates. She hopes to prevent the same happening to any other girl. With 90 percent of New York behind them, this statute may very well be overturned within the next few years.

More information on Jeff Herman:

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman Shares Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse


Brazilian Native, CEO, Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen: Benefits Of Hiring An Investment Advisor


Are you getting ready to invest and need proper guidance? Wondering where to get the advice you need to become a successful investor? Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful financial and investment advisory professional. Igor Cornelsen has been catering to clients from all walks of life and is well regarded in the industry.

There are many ways to invest and a good financial services professional can help you choose the right investment vehicle for you. Your financial advisor considers not only investments, but expenditures, saving and other financial situations you may have.

There are also situations where a financial advisor will be an investment advisor as well. The best way to start on your way to successful investing is to create a plan to protect your money and secure your financial future.

Igor Cornelsen wants people to understand that investing is not something to be taken lightly and that no one should get started in this industry without proper guidance. Before you jump into investing, you need to assess your financial status and determine your risk tolerance level. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

It is advisable to establish a an emergency fund just in case things don’t work as planned. Most financial experts suggest having a discussion with your investment advisor or financial planner to ensure that you have what it takes to proceed and achieve significant returns on investment.

Although there are some precautions you need to take, getting started in the investment arena doesn’t have to be scary. Igor Cornelsen has the experience to advise and guide both beginners and veteran investors who want to build and grow their portfolio.

And investing is not just for wealthy people. In fact, Igor Cornelsen advises people to start earlier so they can take advantage of the benefits of compound interest. Keep in mind that every ambitious entrepreneur or investor should have a goal. You’ll need to know what you want, and then develop a solid investment plan.

Igor Cornelsen has the knowledge and resources to help you develop a plan that will get you to your ultimte goal of investing success. View:


Charter School

Rocketship Education: The Importance of Student Growth Assessments

Tennessee schools are on board with leveraging student growth assessments in order to achieve a successful school year. The new assessment staple, the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is widely used in Tennessee’s public school system. This unique tool gauges individual student growth throughout the year. Metro Nashville Public Schools were dependent on proficiency scores prior to the adoption of the MAP assessment. Proficiency scores, although important, solely demonstrate if a student is performing adequately on grade level, at a particular point. Growth score assessments are much more progressive, as they give teachers a definitive scope into how much knowledge students are retaining over the year, regardless of their current learning level.

MAP assessments successfully are being utilized by over 7,400 vocational institutions around the world. The tool is especially necessary for underserved communities. Nashville benefits from the assessment, being that the majority of its schools are in disadvantaged areas. Underprivileged students often experience a delayed launch vocationally. Once their scholastic journey has begun, it becomes challenging to recover and stay up to par with grade standards. Metro Nashville Public Schools and Director Shawn Joseph implemented the MAP system in public schools across Nashville in 2016. The forward-thinking MAP evaluation was ushered in, under the Rocketship Charter School network.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network designed to bridge learning gaps for students in under-resourced communities. Rocketship Education was created in 2006 by co-founders, and educators John Danner and Preston Smith. Their flagship location is in Redwood City California. Rocketship has established an infrastructure of public charter schools nationwide. Charter schools are currently in the California Bay area, Nashville, Washington D.C., and Milwaukee. These public charters enforce higher learning that involves measurement, parent involvement, and teacher engagement. The organization is built on three core values; personalized learning, talent development, and parent power. Rocketship is nontraditional in the sense that its students (coined as Rocketeers) are engaged in four content blocks daily. Humanities, Learning Lab, Enrichment, and STEM-which are the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Their model develops individuals into well-rounded students. MAP student growth assessments are vital in today’s world of education. The assessment, paired with Rocketship Education continuously ensure that students are in a position to successfully reach their educational goals.

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The Facts About Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali discovered what he calls “Freedom Checks”, his and his marketing teams clever concept in promoting and sharing what he sincerely knows will benefit your bottom line by investing into companies he has personally researched extensively.

Matt Badiali is a former professor and geologist. He earned his undergraduate from Penn State University in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences. He then earned his Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology/Earth Science. Matt is also a former geology professor at Duke University and University of North Carolina. While at the University of Carolina, he continued to pursue his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology and was all But Dissertation Ph.D. Candidate, but after 5 years he left to pursue another career goal he was passionate about, finance. See This Article for more info.

These Freedom Checks that Matt Badiali is now known for was discovered by Matt when he met a financial expert who wanted to invest in natural resources, energy, and mining and needed his expertise as a geologist. This project had Matt traveling all over the world from Hong Kong to Iraq to investigate if what is said on paper is what is at these sites. This is when Matt identified that 568 companies known as Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs. These MLPs provide their investors these Freedom Checks tax-free.

Statute 26-F allows these MLPs companies to offer tax-free Freedom Checks, but these companies must meet these two criteria’s:

  1. They must generate 90% of their revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas here in the United States.
  2. Agree to pay out the lucrative freedom checks to shareholders, many of whom are collecting $124,000… $266,000… and as much as $643,000 each year.

Keep in mind that these MLP companies are not Corporations, so their terminology for what Matt calls “Freedom Checks” are also known as “Units” or “Distributions” instead of “Shares”.

The main point for Matt Badiali’s promoting these Freedom Checks is the scarcity of a specific metal called Zinc. He said that only a handful of companies can extract Zinc and yield the highest profit. He is very proactive on addressing the urgency or in finance terminology, we are currently in Phase I and before we hit the upswing into Phase II, now is the time to buy and invest to claim your “Freedom Checks”, hence also investing into his Real Wealth Strategist Research Services for more in-depth information.

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Huge federal investment for the later months of 2018, Felipe Monotoro Jens

Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy has announced according to Felipe Monotoro Jens, plans to invest R $ 44 billion into the economy in 2018. This announcement is good news for Brazil, who recently made it through a recession. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), is set to be deployed in order to manage the implementation and distribution of the federal funding. The Program of Partnerships and Investments is Brazilian federal government entity. The PPI was created to build strong relationships between public and private sectors, with the goal of lubricating the economy with opportunities for strong business growth and job creation for the citizens.

Felipe Monotoro Jens, reports the R $ 44 billion stimulus package is going to include 57 projects and include 22 sectors. The PPI objective is to ensure these funds are able to stimulate as many aspects of the economy as possible. It is important to note Felipe Monotoro Jens, reports of the 57 projects, more than half will not be initiated until the last three months of 2018. These 57 projects are going to include infrastructure projects, airports, docks, privatizing of federal government companies, technology upgrades and enhancements.

Felipe Monotoro Jens, infrastructure project specialist reports BR 153 the highway that connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO) is set to be included as part of these 57 projects. It came as a bit of a surprise that BR 153 is included in the stimulus, because the Galvao Group had been rejected when they requested to repave BR 153. The BR 364 is also going to be included to get repaved as part of this package. The BR 364 is the main road connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). The BR 364 is almost 800 kilometers of road.

The government enterprises listed to be sold to the private sector are the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks Espiritosanto. Felipe Monotoro Jens, noted Moreira Franco, the Secretary General of the Presidency pointed out the Mint is only being sold to get the advanced technology available in the private sector.

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Paul Mampilly. The True Definition of Success

Paul Mampilly is a respected professional in the finance department. Paul was a former hedge fund manager who commanded so much respect in all parts of the world. The businessman became a renowned figure in the financial department several years ago when he managed to win the prestigious Templeton Foundation. When the competition was taking place, Paul was confident that he was going to perform well, and he did not disappoint. The financial situation that was affecting the whole nation did not affect the performance of the finance executive. In just one year, Paul Mampilly managed to double the funds he was given to manage, proving to the people in the world that he is highly skilled in whatever he was doing. By the time the foundation announced the results of the competition, the businessman was considered to be one of the most influential hedge fund managers living in the United States. View Paul Mampilly at

After working for top hedge firms found in the United States, Paul Mampilly was respected by the young and the old in the country. The finance executive was sought after by many companies who needed to make profits. Paul had a completely different opinion. After working in hedge firm management for a while, the businessman was already aware that he was making money for few personalities in the country, and he felt that this is not what he wanted to do. The businessman decided to resign from this profitable career path so that he can impact a large group of people living in America.

Paul Mampilly had his own doubts when leaving the competitive and profitable corporate world. Despite the amount of fears he had, the businessman was so determined to make an impact in the lives of investors living in the country. After abandoning his career in hedge firm management, the businessman started a newsletter that has shocked people by the amount of success it has received in the modern times. Profits Unlimited discusses the issues that are affecting the ordinary people in the country, and this is one of the top reasons it has done so well in a short duration. Visit for more info.

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter that is managed by Paul Mampilly. At the moment, the institution has more than sixty thousand followers who come from many parts of the country. The success of the paper proves that people in the country trust the services provided by Paul Mampilly.




“How Clayton Hutson Puts Safety First On His Sets “

In a recent article on The Bro Talk website, Clayton Hutson talked about his career in the music industry. He is self-employed and he provides a broad range of services to musicians as well as event organizers. He has a college degree in theater design and started out his career working on Billy Graham tours. He has served in many behind-the-scenes positions such as audio engineering, production management, show producer, stage management, rigging, logistics management, and monitor engineering among others.

Today, Clayton Hutson works with some of rocks biggest acts. He is currently working on the Kid Rock tour while in the past he has worked backstage for Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and OneRepublic as well as many others. In 2005 he was on the Garbage world tour. This took him across much of North America, Europe, and Australia. He was the monitoring engineer on this tour. When he worked on OneRepublic’s concert tour he handled the automatic rigging system called Kinesys Elevation 1+.

When he started out his professional career Clayton Hutson worked for others initially. He said he did this so that he could build a range of marketable skills before going into business for himself. He has said that starting a new business involves a number of risks but he felt confident in his abilities and knew he could be successful on his own. He has built a solid reputation in the industry by paying attention to every detail that goes into holding a successful concert. He also shows his dedication by working long hours. Much of the work his business picks up comes from the referrals of musicians he has worked with in the past.

Safety always comes first during a concert, he says. He puts safety first mostly because he doesn’t want anyone getting hurt but also because he says someone being hurt would seriously compromise his reputation. He says it is when he’s traveling to a concert, usually by bus or by airplane, he lists out each task his crew needs to perform. He lists out even the minor things because missing any of those can hurt much more than one would think. Learn more:

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Hussain Sajwani and Dubai Goals

Hussain Sajwani is the eminent businessman who put together DAMAC Properties toward the start of the 2000s. DAMAC Properties is the name of a widely acclaimed business that focuses on the development of properties around the planet. He’s DAMAC Properties’ Chairman and face in many ways. This Middle Eastern entrepreneur is an alumnus of the United States’ University of Washington. His focal point at the school was industrial engineering. He learned a lot about economics as well.


Hussain Sajwani views the metropolis of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as his in-depth muse of sorts. He thinks carefully about it and envisions where it’s going to be in a decade. If he identifies promise in something, he goes after it. He works hard to make his objectives come to fruition. He doesn’t worry about things ever going wrong. This is part of the reason he’s been able to achieve so much for DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani doesn’t let apprehension affect his plans in any way.


This company head has a lot of enthusiasm for the Internet world. He focuses heavily on social networking platforms. He likes digital marketing in general, too. He pays a lot of attention to online marketing and its nonstop overhauls and advancements. Social media is a topic that’s endlessly riveting to Hussain Sajwani. He thinks that digital marketing is something that possesses strength that essentially is unstoppable.


Hussain Sajwani is fond of frequent travel. He thinks that traveling helps stimulate his mind. He enjoys being able to view things as other people do as well. He regularly reads literature that involves culture and history. He appreciates the fact that he can get so much out of assessing the past.


Sajwani purchased a photobook book that involved Dubai not too long ago. It showcased the appearance of the large city half a century ago. He viewed the book and focused on all of the accomplishments from Dubai has brought to the table.


Hussain Sajwani never dwells on errors. He thinks that they contribute to the creation of his character and identity. He thinks that achievements do the same.

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Hussain Sajwani, CEO of DAMAC, & One of Their Newest Ventures

It’s recently been reported of DAMAC offering luxury living and views at the Business Bay’s Reva Residences. Located in one of Dubai’s most coveted areas, this real estate property consists of one and two bedroom apartments overlooking the Dubai Canal.


Other wonderful features and amenities of the Reva Residences include 24-hour concierge and receptionist, state of the art gym, children’s play area, temperature-controlled swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, spacious bathrooms, fitted kitchens, and elegant interior. There is also an elegant lobby with a 24-hour concierge and reception desk.


The Reva Residences are surrounded by many entertainment, retail, and dining facilities that are within walking distance. There are also waterside paths and lush parks for cycling or jogging. Also, the world’s biggest mall that has the finest designer stores is located just next door.


The starting price for one bedroom is AED 699,000. Competitive payment plans are also being offered at Reva Residences. People can pay as little as one percent monthly in these payment plans as well as completing the payment plans up to a 45 percent balance.


Hussain Sajwani is the founder, CEO, and chairman of DAMAC properties. This company has been ranked on the 2017 Forbes Global 2000 list ranking as number one. With these credentials alone, potential customers can trust that Reva Residence, being one of their properties is in pristine condition. And as the CEO of DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani received the 2017 CEO Middle East Award as Property CEO of the Year.


Starting out, he earned his degree in economics and industrial engineering from the University of Washington. He then began working as a Contracts Manager of GASCO, an ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) subsidiary before starting his own company. With the expertise he has gained and with being the owner and CEO of DAMAC, this company has acquired more than 20,230 units so far with a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units that are in different planning and progress stages.