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Kabbalah and its Great Lessons

Many scholars do not know Kabbalah well. Kabbalah is not a general experience that you can spend days and nights reading so as to get the concept. It is not a theoretical study. Many have tried to study it in books, but they have never been successful. It is because considering it requires personal dedication. One should make a decision to study Kabbalah and know all the ways of Kabbalah. There are great lessons that we can learn from this science. As a man, Kabbalah teaches that you experiment yourself and within yourself. That is the reason why Kabbalah was also known as, “The Hidden Wisdom.”

Kabbalah helps individuals to undergo an internal transformation, and you are the only one who will feel it and know what is taking place in your life. It is an activity that will only occur within your and your body. It will be unique to you, and the feelings will only be to you and nobody else. Also, you are the only person who will know about it. As of now, those who have studied Kabbalah Centre have shown a lot of changes in their lives, and they have improved their lives to attain positive side of your life.

Kabbalah is not wisdom that has just emerged. It is the knowledge that existed millions of years ago, but it was known to many scientists and scholars. It is because Kabbalah studies about the universe and nature and its relationship with a man. Not many can be able to understand something which they have never seen and touched. That makes the difference with Kabbalah. It will help you comprehend what is beyond the understanding of man. It will help you uncover secrets that you did not know about in your life and above all help you in understanding everything which is happening to you and why it is happening.

The word Kabbalah originates from Hebrew and it means to receive. It can also be used to mean, “Accept” something. It has its motives of creating a desire to “receive.” It refers to different kinds of desires and pleasures that surround human beings in the world of today. So as to get everything you need, you should be willing to invest a lot of efforts.

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Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar Has A Taste For Successful Businesses

There are so many different variations of types of food in the world, and how they can be prepared differently and served in this day in age, it has been becoming way more excessive. Even today’s top chefs have been getting more and more creative while also becoming innovative.

At the Grand Cuisine at Bellamy, you can indulge into a delicious serving saffron pannacotta, with strawberry sauce either on top or the side.

You can also eat some of the wonderfully tasting duck. You know what they’ve always said about French men knowing how to properly prepare a duck? Well let me tell you after eating at Bellamy’s, it sure is true, because at the Grande Cuisine at Bellamy food is ingrained with carefulness as well as compassion.

This fancy restaurant is located in San Diego, in Escondido and has been a very successful business. A lot of people have vouched that Bellamy’s is in fact, the best place to dine in the San Diego area and is highly recommended to everyone!

But to whom is this business profitable? Well, that would have to be the very smart man who invested his money into this lovely cuisine along with several other cuisines later down the road, Brian Bonar. He had decided that his goal would be to build his restaurants into a mini-empire in the Northern Country.

Here, he had started with several different restaurants such as the Bistro, Bellamy’s and Ponsaty’s. When Brian had bought the first restaurant, it used to be a Tangos. He fixed it up in next to no time and renamed it, Bellamy. This has been one of Brian’s most successful and profitable businesses. One of the aspects besides the lovely location of the diner was a master chef from France in Escondido, that is commonly known as the hidden city. But they say where things are hidden there are usually treasure, and Brian had hit the jackpot on this one.

Brian is one of the more respected members of the financial industry’s society. His main job being Chairman and CEO at the company Trucept. Brian actually specializes in mergers and finical acquisitions, as well as he enjoys building and creating growth through people opening his visions to many positive business opportunities.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also been recognized several different times for his passion in being creative. Some of Brian’s main talents and skills are coming up with marketing strategies as well as management in sales and new business development. Brian also happens to be very good with startups with newer up and coming businesses.

As well as he is good with creating different innovation, easy to comprehend strategic financial solutions along with the wonderful partnerships he has gained for his company. He is an excellent and respected entrepreneur and international business contract negotiator.

Hair Salon, Hair Tools

Donald Scott NYC’s Products Reshaping the Shaving Industry

Razors of different forms have been used throughout history. Using straight razors have several benefits. Use of straight razors brings out a superior and unique shave and does not bring about the aspect of razor burn like the standard razors. This is because the blade goes through your skin for a short time reducing the post-shave irritation. Moreover, straight blade shape is cheaper and it brings about satisfaction and enjoyment. Although buying a good straight razor is not cheap, once you acquire one, it will be an investment that lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, these types of razors are environmentally friendly because their cartridge is not disposable.


Some of the techniques used in straight razor shaving include freehand stroke, reverse hand stroke, and backhand stroke and reverse backhand stroke. In freehand and reverse hand stroke, the thumb is placed on the inside and outside respectively. In backhand and reverse backhand stroke, the blade is held in an upside down position.


About Donald Scott NYC


The most common shaving products of Donald Scott NYC include straight razors carving comb fine, carving comb wide, swivel twist razor,DS/X4 razor, chop stik pro razor, and groom stik pro trimmer. These tools have been developed by Donald Scott NYC are used for various uses including styling, shaping and cutting. These tools can be used for freehand stroke, reverse hand stroke, backhand stroke and reverse backhand stroke shaving techniques.

Fund Management

An Active Fund Manager Brings Fortune – A Real Life Story

The Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Capital Group, Timothy Armour’s life is quite similar to what he sees in day-to-day life, fluctuations. Like the shares, he handles the crunch situations with great self-confidence and drives to the desired result. Timothy Armour has 33 years of experience in investment management, and throughout his career, he was part of Capital Group. Capital Group is the largest and oldest investment management firm which has service over 80 years. The firm was founded in 1931 in Los Angeles to help the investors on market research in the wake of the stock market crash dated 1929. Now, the firm has offices in 20 cities across the world including Tokyo, London, and Sydney.

Tim joined the company in 1983 as an Associate, and within a short span he proved his mettle and grown within the organization. He assumed various roles in the organization during his long career. During Timothy Armour stint as Equity Investment Analyst, he brought fortunes to the firm by covering U.S. service companies and telecommunication companies around the world. Timothy Armour is also serving as Equity Portfolio Manager at Capital.

It was in July 2015; he assumed the role Chairman and CEO of the firm in the wake of the sudden demise of the former chairman Jim Rothenberg. Before that, he was serving as the Chairman of firm’s management committee. During the role, he took active participation in getting an in-house research that shown long-term benefits of some active fund management. He also worked rigorously to reduce the secrecy level of the firm and started communicating to the media. He is a strong proponent of active fund management and unified support of the fund managers on the same.

Timothy Armour also advises the investors not to invest for average returns. “No one goes to an average of all doctors or average of all attorneys,” he said in an interview. He asked the investors to hire an active manager who can provide excellent returns with minimal fund fees. One of the Capital Group’s research shown that active funds with fewer expenses and if the fund manager has invested a substantial amount of his money, such funds mostly beat the benchmarks and give good returns. He also advises that there are some active fund managers who surpassed the benchmark in the long term.

Tim has completed his bachelor’s in economics from Middlebury College, and he is based in Los Angeles.


Kate Hudson Teams Up With Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler To Drive Fabletics Forward


Kate Hudson, known for her role in romance movies such as Bride Wars and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is also a model and a partial owner in several women’s athletic wear companies, including Fabletics. Hudson was attracted to this company because they found a way to get high quality and stylish designs to their customers at such a low price. The company is a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab, a company started by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Led by Hudson’s input, Fabletics took steps to integrate big data into the customer experience to drive them to styles they wanted, and improved its VIP membership program to be more transparent to customers.


Adam Goldenberg was a big marketing guru well before TechStyle Fashion Group came on the scene. As a young teenager Goldenberg was already becoming entrepreneurial and exploring business ideas, and when he was still only 15 he started a gaming advertising network called Gamer’s Alliance. This led to the beginning of his professional career when Intermix Media, the future founder of MySpace bought Gamer’s Alliance and hired Goldenberg as an executive in their company, the youngest ever on a publicly-traded company. Goldenberg became friends with another entrepreneur at Intermix Media, Don Ressler who had founded

Get the whole store on Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s partnership on Wikipedia’s JustFab page:


Goldenberg and Ressler had combined their ideas while at Intermix Media to start an e-commerce company that was the biggest source of revenue for MySpace, but they were bitterly disappointed when Intermix Media’s new owners from News Corp phased out the company in 2005. Goldenberg and Ressler then parted ways with Intermix Media and started their own company, Intelligent Beauty. Under this company they started marketing various cosmetics and health supplement products, but then their attention turned to the fashion industry in 2010. Though they didn’t know much about running a fashion company, they got the wild idea to launch their own brand and called it JustFab.


JustFab started out as a simple online-only fashion retailer, but its fashion designs and business model started attracting celebrities including Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson. It also attracted investors and venture capital firms including Matrix Partners and Passport Capital. Thanks to the venture capital supply, JustFab started growing operations and even opened physical stores for its customers. In 2013, it became a “unicorn” or billion-dollar enterprise and has since become cash-flow independent. Goldenberg and Ressler renamed the company as TechStyle Fashion Group this last year because of the big data analytics they started using in online shopping.


Group Meets to Discuss Impact of Technology on Transportation

A group of individuals met for a discussion regarding the transportation challenges faced in suburban communities in the Austin region and how technology is impacting transportation. This event took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center and included Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Though Heiligenstein realizes that there will most certainly be drastic changes to transportation caused by technological advancement, he still believes that an investment in the expansion of infrastructure is necessary in order to meet the demands of the growing population in the suburbs.

One of the panel members pointed out that it is important for building codes to remain flexible in order to accommodate the advances in technology such as driverless cars. Heiligenstein, however, is skeptical and does not believe the use of autonomous vehicles will grow as rapidly as expected.

Leandre Johns, external affairs director for Uber Technologies, believes that ridesharing meets the needs of commuters in the area by providing them a way to get from their home to another source of public transportation such as the bus stop.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency that was created in 2002 with the objective of designing an innovative transportation network for Central Texas in order to reduce congestion and provide commuters with transportation options.

Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein has been with the Authority since it began. He has overseen major projects such as 183A in Williamson County, which implemented a fully automated cashless toll collection system. Heiligenstein is also President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Associate.  He studied at the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in both Government and Business Administration. Prior to being selected to serve as Executive Director of the Authority, Heiligenstein served his community as both a Round Rock City Council member and a Williamson County Commissioner.

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Fund Management Strategies

Sam Tabar- A Name you might not know, but a business you most likely have heard of

Sam Tabar has been named as the COO of FullCycle Inc. As acting COO- chief operating officer, he is in charge of the fund management strategies of the FullCycle company. He will partner with a number of other leaders who set out to deliver a method to cut back on the costs associated with polluting fuels and how they are used to lower the cost of transforming the fuels into a more environmental friendly fuel.

Sam Tabar has spent much of his personal careers helping budgets stay budget friendly in aiding many financial institutions. Once named as the head of the capital strategy for the Merrill Lynch company, Bank of America. He was named as one of their financial advisors and with this role, he met with people who needed tools to help fund accounts. Some of the accounts he was in charge of included endowments, pensions and even some of the family offices. He stood at the front of the operations department and helped led the path to the front and back offices where teams worked together to help with the funding. Sam worked with a number of independent marketers in the Asia Pacific region and with his work within the Sparx Group, he became a leader in global marketing.

In his numerous endeavors, he worked in an attorney office for Schulte, Roth and Zabel. He earned his masters degree from a top notch school, Columbia Law School and also obtained a bachelor degree in arts from Oxford University. When he graduated from Oxford, he earned his honors. He also worked on the Columbia Business Law Journal as an editor. He still currently holds the right to practice with his New York State Bar rights.

One of the earliest investors in Tribute as well as in SheThinx, Sam Tabar has helped many in the path of reinventing the feminine hygiene industry. He has helped many with gaining their rights in empowering women from around the world. He has helped many gain their right to be amongst some of the highest paid positions in various companies. For some, you might not know the name, but many will have at least heard of a business he has worked with or is associated with.

Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Counters the Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Inaccurate

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technological services in the civil and criminal justice system, investigation, and the correction facilities. Global Tel Link (GTL) is a private telecommunication company that offers telephone services to prison.


On June 9, 2016, the Securus released a press to correct the GTL’s press issued on June 7, 2016. Securus Technologies sought to correct and clarify on some GTL’s claims:


First Allegation


GTL said that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board ruling on GTL’s US patent No. 7,256,816 allowed them to demand compensation from Securus Technologies about pending cases in Texas federal court.


Securus Technologies said the fact that GTL cannot ask for payment because from the Texas District Court because the case at the federal court stays.


Second Allegation


GTL stated that PTAB maintained the 55 claims of the patent case. This protects continued use of the GTL in the prisons.


Securus Technologies objected to this claim by saying that PTAB didn’t examine those claims.


Third Allegation


According to GTL, PTAB concluded that the innovations are patentable. This, therefore, enabled the company to seek a court order to protect its technology.


However, Securus Technologies said that the PTAB didn’t determine on the patentability of any innovation. This limits GTL’s capacity to go to court regarding the issue.


Fourth Allegation


GTL said it was about to go to court in a short period to show how Securus Technologies has infringed its patents.

Securus Technologies, on the other hand, says the court is not about to hear any evidence anytime soon. Instead, the court will be able after hearing from the involved parties.


Fifth Allegation


GTL are now expecting compensation from Securus Technologies. Also, GTL said if damages are granted, the Securus stop using their technology.

Securus Technologies argue that their rivals patented technology is not being used. As a result, there is not infringement has taken place.


Sixth Allegation


GTL said that Securus Technologies has a habit of suing and settling with competitors. They have now evolved to using new legal claims and use of media to resolve contentions in their favor. GTL will defend their case in court.


Securus Technologies justifies its reputation. It has always followed all legal requirements when using technology to show the value they give to intellectual property rights among others. Additionally, Securus has more patents than GTL.



Mike Heiligenstein and Texas Transportation

At the 19th annual Williamson Growth Summit Mike Heiligenstein (Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority), Joseph Kopser (Ridescout LLC founder), Leandre Johns (Uber, Director of Texas External Affairs), and Jared Ficklin (ArgoDesign) all met to discuss changes technology is having on transportation in the Austin region. Rideshare apps and driverless vehicles have the capacity to revolutionize transportation, but those innovations will not be enough to overcome the shear number of people moving into the Austin suburbs. Johns made the argument for Uber’s ability to help commuters make the first and last miles of their journey easier and thus encourage the use of public transportation. But even if there is a greater emphasis on mass transit and ridesharing programs, population growth is going to overwhelm any gains that might be made. There is just only so much space available for new roads and infrastructure to be built, so all of those roads need to become more efficient. One important way to keep things efficient is to make sure building codes are flexible and can cope with all the different changes. With driverless cars on the road, will people really need all that room in a parking garage to stand up? Will more charging stations be needed for electric cars? These challenges require flexibility to keep up with the pace of change. This event was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel

Mike Heiligenstein has Masters Degrees in Government and Business Administration. He served as an elected official for 23 years in Williamson County and during that time he served on the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council as well as the Clean Air Force of Texas. He took on his current role in the Mobility Authority when the government agency was created in 2002. He oversaw the creation of two tollroads: first, the 183A which has an electronic cashless system, and then the 290 which is currently constructing expressway lanes. A group of peers from across the nation chose him as President of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association for 2014. He works on several other advisor boards and groups to resolve transportation issues in Texas.

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Bob Reina has a mission

Bob Reina wants to help people all over the world. He is CEO & Founder of Talk Fusion, a leading Video Marketing Solution company created in 2007.


A former police officer, Bob created a company that has revolutionized the industry. With a simple but powerful message, Talk Fusion’s mission is to help charities and nonprofits all over the world. With its innovative and cutting-edge video marketing products, it helps people spread their message, and further their cause, with technologies and products not available before.


In collaboration with its customers, Talk Fusion uses a comprehensive approach. Current and future trends are constantly analyzed. This way, Bob, his team, and customers can stay ahead of the competition.


Bob Reina wants to help others, and he leads by example.

These are some of them:

A $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Working with other South Florida non-profit groups to help numerous abandoned animals find new loving homes.

A continuing monetary support of an Indonesian orphanage.

A program that allows every Talk Fusion Associate, located in over 140 countries, to donate one free account to the charity of their choice.


The free charity account is significant. It’s a Custom Monthly Plan, Talk Fusion’s very best product. It includes branding, complete customization, and access to Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat products.


These are just a few examples of Bob’s commitment to action, not just words, to move forward his vision to change lives.


Bob Reina has a favorite phrase: “Bring us your dreams and we’ll help you do the rest!”, which summarizes his beliefs and Talk Fusion’s mission.


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