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Copa Star – Hospital From a New Era

Ever since one hospital in Brazil opened doors, a higher standard was set for the rest of the medical institution to reach. The hospital is located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in the city of Copacabana, hence the name of the hospital – Copa Star.

There are quite a few features that make the Hospital Copa Star unique. The interior design of the building was modelled after the design of a five-star hotel. Both the common areas and the patient’s rooms are elegantly furnished to add luxury and a smooth feeling to the experience. There are plush couches and armchairs instead of uncomfortable plastic chairs lining up the walls. The lighting and the smell in the Copa Star Hospital are also a lot more different than what people are used to experiencing in general hospitals. The light at Copa Star is designed to resemble a homey atmosphere, and the smell is of citrus and wood.

Another feature that is one of a kind is the way the corridors are organised and structured. There is a separate area for staff members to use in order to secure the safe and quick transit of doctors and nurses. The separate area has proven to be most important and useful when there is an emergency regarding a patient. The separate area also provides a better experience for visitors to the hospital and gets rid of traffic in the corridors. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The walls of the hospital are decorated with pieces of art. In fact, the hospital has its gallery. The gallery is open to all patients to visit and has over two hundred paintings by the famous Japanese artists Yutaka. Both the leaders and the staff of Copa Star understand the fact that a speedy recovery also requires something to smile about. Thus there is art provided in order to elevate the mood of the patients.

Another great feature of the buildings how it was built. The material that had been used is ecologically friendly and it the structure of the hospital allows for better energy conservation. The Copa star hospital has been able to cut down on energy expenses significantly and aims to inspire other institutions to do the same and be more conscious of the environment. The hospital has the mission of taking care not only of the patients but also of the world that surrounds it.

The Copa Star Hospital was built to try and inspire other hospitals to reach and strive for a higher standard. They should provide better services, to create the best team of doctors and nurses they possibly can, to show more care for the environment and along the way to create a new era of hospitals all around the world. Visit their profile page on Facebook

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Entrepreneur Jason Hope Has A Habit Of Getting It Right

Jason Hope, Arizona’s most famous tech entrepreneur, has made a career about predicting trends in technology long before they materialize. In some instances, he has been able to do this by becoming the trend setter himself. This has given Mr. Hope a certain authority in his predictions about things to come.

The Internet of Things will change everything

Lately, Mr. Hope has taken to blogs, magazines and tech sites of different stripes to lay out his vision of what the coming technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things will look like and how they will change people’s lives for the better.

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Jason Hope believes that this quickly developing space will represent a transformational achievement, on the order of the Industrial Revolution or the invention of the computer itself.

For starters, Hope believes that technologies like self-driving cars will free up vast amounts of time and create tremendous gains in productivity. This will not just be seen in people’s daily commutes, where, rather than spending hours in traffic every day, the common man will effectively have his own 24/7 personal chauffeur. It will also have huge effects on things like the logistics industry, where one of the main costs in transporting goods over the nation’s roadways is that of hiring drivers and other workers, for example, in the warehouse.

On that note, Jason Hope predicts that facilities such as Amazon’s fulfillment center, which are nearly 100 percent automated, will become commonplace. This will have a profound effect on the costs of production and the ability of labor to be redirected to more value-added tasks.

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Madison Street Capital Makes a Mark in the Investment and Advisory Industry Once Again

Madison Street Capital added another feather to its cap when it helped ARES Security to find a financial partner in January 2017. Based out of Vienna, VA, ARES Security offers security solutions to its customers. Madison Street Capital was the company behind their deal with Corbel Structured Partners. The Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh personally supervised the partnership that is going to change the way Ares does business and open it up to meet global challenges in a better way.



The deal was announced at a conference by the Chief Executive Officer and President of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botch. He is a pioneer in the investment industry and known for his expertise in the field because of which he was chosen to announce the successful partnership. It was him along with the Senior Managing Director that overlooked the entire deal and ensured its profitability for all partners involved. Both of them were happy to work with ARES as their investment company and ARES executives agreed that they would not have found a better option in the industry.



ARES Security was highly impressed by the work done by the Madison team in helping secure the right investment partner in the form of Corbel. They agreed that the capital structure framed by Corbel would assist the company move in the right direction. They hope to maintain the quick sales momentum due to it and also capitalize more revenue opportunities that come their way. Ben Eazetta, the President of ARES Security, said that they were honored to work with Madison and the new development on the business front would help them offer advanced end-to-end technology solutions to their clients in the future.



Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago and offers investment banking services to its long list of clients. The company develops high-end solutions to ensure that their customers can not just float but rise above its competitors to be successful. The company is known for their high values and business norms that they follow religiously, which has helped Madison Street Capital Reputation.



The company treats each of their clients equally and ensures their success by aligning their goals with their own for better results. By working with many big customers, the company has gained immense experience in the industry and have in-depth knowledge that is of actual value to their customers. It is their high professional standards that set them apart from their competitors in the highly competitive financial sector.


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Brian Bonar’s Blueprints On Finances

Brian has used his financial expertise to make business operations easier for small to mid-sized businesses. He’s on the board of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a parent company to several subsidiaries that Bonar has been instrumental in founding.

For Bonar, the blueprints he’s used for financial success have involved cutting costs to small businesses through establishing systematic partnerships or through selling benefits packages that cut down costs in the long run. One of Bonar’s most well-known ideas has been a professional employer organization (PEO), an approach he’s implemented at several companies including Trucept Inc. (formerly SmarTek Solutions) and SourceOne Group.

A PEO is a company that handles the HR and accounting operations for the business they enter into a partnership with. Their service fees are smaller than costs it would entail these businesses to hire extra employees for these tasks and the PEO supplies the benefits for all company employees in addition to their own.

The partnering company can let the PEO handle the heavy lifting such as recruiting, interviewing and hiring with their permission new employees. They are usually listed as the company of record on employee earnings statements and tax forms.

The partnering company has the final say over hiring and termination decisions and can dissolve the partnership with the PEO at their own discretion. Bonar has helped popularize this form of business partnering in addition to using automated technology to help keep track of employee records.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has gained a deep knowledge of integrating technology with business and it began back when he worked for IBM UK Ltd. Bonar has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Strathclyde University in his motherland Scotland and got his MBA in the field from Staffordshire University just prior to joining IBM.

At IBM he oversaw various software developments and business system developments. In addition to IBM, Bonar also worked for QMS Management, Bezier Systems, Adaptec and the Solvis Group. He joined the San Diego company Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1995.

In addition to running several high tech companies and founding business partnership solutions, Bonar is also invested in the restaurant business. He’s made several acquisitions in the San Diego and Escondido area of California including Bellamy’s and soon the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

Brian Bonar certainly has a passion for food and fine dining and is doing all he can to attract tourists to this San Diego suburb with his restaurant investments. He’s also got quite the eye for chefs as leading the way at Bonar’s restaurant at Bellamy’s and soon Bandy Canyon is an award winning chef, Patrick Ponsaty. But when he isn’t busy on the hiring trail, you might find Bonar out on the golf course or out boating.

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Discover The Benefits Of Rich EOS Lip Balm Products

Eos lip balm products are widely known for repairing the skin from smoking, elements, and minor abrasions. They contain a rich blend of shea butter that has been used for centuries to repair and restore the skin. More importantly, they are affordable on all budgets. Moisturize your lips with a proven lip care product that is used by thousands of women around the world. Shea butter is derived from the African shea tree and provides protection and restoration for all skin types. Furthermore, women are choosing shea butter ten to one over other lip care products because they are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.

Why Is Evolution Of Smooth Popular?

If you’re looking for a reliable lip balm product that is infused with essential amino acids, vitamin C, E, and provides superior moisture, you’re looking for the popular EOS lip balm brand Evolution of Smooth. Allow your lips to feel silky smooth every time. They provide individually wrapped pastel containers that are easy to identify with enticing delectable flavor options. Immerse your lips with the comforts of a completely 95% organic lip care product that is reasonably priced. Nourish your lips with the best in the industry when you choose Evolution of Smooth.

Flavor Options

– Lemon Drop

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Milk

– Original EOS

– Srawberry Sorbet

– Wildberry

Passion Honeydew

and more…

You can order their products exclusively from the Evolution of Smooth website, Skin Care- AU or visit select retailers today,

. You have the option of giving your lips all natural moisture that has proven skin healing capabilities. Don’t trust your lips to other beauty care products that don’t deliver results. Enhance your lips with the benefits of superiority of EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth today.

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Suburban Sprawl Calling Out For Smarter Roads

The future of the Austin regional transportation network was the hot topic at the Williamson County Growth Summit hosted by the Austin Business Journal. City planners, technology leaders and designers converged at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.


Central Texas is facing the challenges of population growth, migration and strained infrastructure. The panel came together to discuss the influence of technology on these issues and city planning in general.


The panelists included Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, Texas External Affairs Director for Uber Leandre Johns, RideScout founder Joseph Kopser and ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin. The moderator was mayor of Round Rock Alan McGraw.


The panel agreed that technology was shaping human behavior and urban planning. However, technology was not the only solution. Existing infrastructure had to be improved to handle present needs.


Building codes and future road designs need to be analyzed and changed to accommodate riderless cars and new ride-sharing services like Uber. Roads must be built with the capability to interact with autonomous vehicles. Parking lots and toll stations need modifications to accept these vehicles.


Heiligenstein emphasized that planning should not ignore the limitations of today. He stated, “Williamson has done such an amazing job of structuring its infrastructure over the past 15 years or so. But you are still going to have more people coming here. Try building those roads. Try expanding those capacities. It’s getting to a point where, the corridors we have remaining, we need to make them smarter, more efficient and more technically advanced.”


Mike Heiligenstein is the first and current Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is committed to the ongoing development of a modern, multi-modal transportation system. He is a member of the advisory board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He was a public official for 23 years prior to joining CTRMA.


Created in 2002, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was given the mission to develop and modernize the central Texas transport network. By state law, the authority may implement airports, roadways, highways and all other transport services. It created the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program to provide free roadside assistance to stranded motorists and damaged vehicles. Working with application designer Metropia, CTRMA created a mobile application that provided faster, alternative real-time routing for commuters.

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Flavio Maluf Has Succeeded In His Entrepreneurial Projects

Flavio Maluf is a man who is a major executive and an avid entrepreneur. Mr. Maluf is very much an individual who understands that to be an entrepreneur who is successful is a sincerely complex enterprise to embark upon. A great many individuals have operated under the very flawed belief that becoming a worthwhile entrepreneur brings with it the necessity of enduring fewer hours and bringing more capital in than when they would in a job under someone else’s employment.

Instead, the fact is that when a dedicated individual seeks to establish themselves as an upcoming entrepreneur, they almost always end up working more hours, due to the fact that they usually have to take on the entire enterprise themselves. There are no standard hours of operation to adhere to for the budding entrepreneur, as they must always be on hand at all times to handle the business. To go on any unplanned vacations is really not an option for the majority of entrepreneurs, and all too often because of this, the interested entrepreneur can not find success.

Funding is an essential and fundamental aspect for beginning entrepreneur to achieve a successful endeavor. Those who are experienced, know that starting up a new business enterprise without any form of economic support is rarely any way to be successful at it; conversely, the experiences of Flavio Maluf dictate that an extreme amount of funding to start a business is not necessary either.

It is not really required to have an exclusive or unique idea to embark upon a business enterprise as an entrepreneur, but to actually have one can aid your startup to garner attention among all the other competition. It is extremely crucial to have a line up of buyers that are ready to take interest in your items and then to buy your items or your services.

Flavio Maluf is a top mechanical engineer who began the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is also the president of the Eucatex and GrandFood group. He created several divisions of the company in Brazil to send out products to 37 countries.

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Kabbalah and its Great Lessons

Many scholars do not know Kabbalah well. Kabbalah is not a general experience that you can spend days and nights reading so as to get the concept. It is not a theoretical study. Many have tried to study it in books, but they have never been successful. It is because considering it requires personal dedication. One should make a decision to study Kabbalah and know all the ways of Kabbalah. There are great lessons that we can learn from this science. As a man, Kabbalah teaches that you experiment yourself and within yourself. That is the reason why Kabbalah was also known as, “The Hidden Wisdom.”

Kabbalah helps individuals to undergo an internal transformation, and you are the only one who will feel it and know what is taking place in your life. It is an activity that will only occur within your and your body. It will be unique to you, and the feelings will only be to you and nobody else. Also, you are the only person who will know about it. As of now, those who have studied Kabbalah Centre have shown a lot of changes in their lives, and they have improved their lives to attain positive side of your life.

Kabbalah is not wisdom that has just emerged. It is the knowledge that existed millions of years ago, but it was known to many scientists and scholars. It is because Kabbalah studies about the universe and nature and its relationship with a man. Not many can be able to understand something which they have never seen and touched. That makes the difference with Kabbalah. It will help you comprehend what is beyond the understanding of man. It will help you uncover secrets that you did not know about in your life and above all help you in understanding everything which is happening to you and why it is happening.

The word Kabbalah originates from Hebrew and it means to receive. It can also be used to mean, “Accept” something. It has its motives of creating a desire to “receive.” It refers to different kinds of desires and pleasures that surround human beings in the world of today. So as to get everything you need, you should be willing to invest a lot of efforts.

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Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar Has A Taste For Successful Businesses

There are so many different variations of types of food in the world, and how they can be prepared differently and served in this day in age, it has been becoming way more excessive. Even today’s top chefs have been getting more and more creative while also becoming innovative.

At the Grand Cuisine at Bellamy, you can indulge into a delicious serving saffron pannacotta, with strawberry sauce either on top or the side.

You can also eat some of the wonderfully tasting duck. You know what they’ve always said about French men knowing how to properly prepare a duck? Well let me tell you after eating at Bellamy’s, it sure is true, because at the Grande Cuisine at Bellamy food is ingrained with carefulness as well as compassion.

This fancy restaurant is located in San Diego, in Escondido and has been a very successful business. A lot of people have vouched that Bellamy’s is in fact, the best place to dine in the San Diego area and is highly recommended to everyone!

But to whom is this business profitable? Well, that would have to be the very smart man who invested his money into this lovely cuisine along with several other cuisines later down the road, Brian Bonar. He had decided that his goal would be to build his restaurants into a mini-empire in the Northern Country.

Here, he had started with several different restaurants such as the Bistro, Bellamy’s and Ponsaty’s. When Brian had bought the first restaurant, it used to be a Tangos. He fixed it up in next to no time and renamed it, Bellamy. This has been one of Brian’s most successful and profitable businesses. One of the aspects besides the lovely location of the diner was a master chef from France in Escondido, that is commonly known as the hidden city. But they say where things are hidden there are usually treasure, and Brian had hit the jackpot on this one.

Brian is one of the more respected members of the financial industry’s society. His main job being Chairman and CEO at the company Trucept. Brian actually specializes in mergers and finical acquisitions, as well as he enjoys building and creating growth through people opening his visions to many positive business opportunities.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also been recognized several different times for his passion in being creative. Some of Brian’s main talents and skills are coming up with marketing strategies as well as management in sales and new business development. Brian also happens to be very good with startups with newer up and coming businesses.

As well as he is good with creating different innovation, easy to comprehend strategic financial solutions along with the wonderful partnerships he has gained for his company. He is an excellent and respected entrepreneur and international business contract negotiator.

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Donald Scott NYC’s Products Reshaping the Shaving Industry

Razors of different forms have been used throughout history. Using straight razors have several benefits. Use of straight razors brings out a superior and unique shave and does not bring about the aspect of razor burn like the standard razors. This is because the blade goes through your skin for a short time reducing the post-shave irritation. Moreover, straight blade shape is cheaper and it brings about satisfaction and enjoyment. Although buying a good straight razor is not cheap, once you acquire one, it will be an investment that lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, these types of razors are environmentally friendly because their cartridge is not disposable.


Some of the techniques used in straight razor shaving include freehand stroke, reverse hand stroke, and backhand stroke and reverse backhand stroke. In freehand and reverse hand stroke, the thumb is placed on the inside and outside respectively. In backhand and reverse backhand stroke, the blade is held in an upside down position.


About Donald Scott NYC


The most common shaving products of Donald Scott NYC include straight razors carving comb fine, carving comb wide, swivel twist razor,DS/X4 razor, chop stik pro razor, and groom stik pro trimmer. These tools have been developed by Donald Scott NYC are used for various uses including styling, shaping and cutting. These tools can be used for freehand stroke, reverse hand stroke, backhand stroke and reverse backhand stroke shaving techniques.