Bety DeVos — A Polite Political Fighter

Betsy DeVos has had a rough ride on the way to becoming Secretary of Education within President Trump’s cabinet. Arriving at Washington with no prior experience in government, she took on a position that has largely vacant upper ranks.


Betsy DeVos won this position with a tiebreaking vote to Mike Pence. In her Senate confirmation hearings, she gave uncertain answers to questions in regards to federal laws and educational policies. Her suggestion on carrying guns in case of grizzly bear attacks made her the laughing target for TV comedy shows.


The public reaction and portraying of her as ignorant has made her largely uncomfortable — something she didn’t show in public. In contrast to President Trump, she shrugged off public mockery and even made a few jokes about it herself.


Her first actions in her new position were to call two teacher union’s leaders — Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia. For now, she has only visited schools together with Ms. Weingarten.


Ms. DeVos was chosen by Trump for the position because of her advocacy of private schools and funding for them. She has fought hard in steering tax dollars toward charter schools. Her ideological focus for this is the belief that every parent should have the chance of sending their child to a private school without concerns for their financial income.


Because of her efforts, Detroit has the highest number of charter schools in the nation. It is understandable — the public schools in Detroit are deemed the worst in the country. Although she showed acceptance of public schools in her confirmation hearings, once she stepped into office, she criticized teachers in public schools for being too inactive — thus reinforcing the fears that she is still hostile towards the public school system.


Another instance of her political politeness that does not show her true intentions is the rescinded federal policy for transgender school bathrooms. During the Conservative Political Action Conference, she called the policy “a very huge example of the Obama administration’s overreach.”


Earlier, she met with a representative of the transgender and gay employees at the Educational Department to warn of what was coming. Clearly, she is only siding with the Trump administration decision publically.


Those who have observed Betsy DeVos throughout the years, know that she can be easily underestimated. Although she is politically polite, she is a fierce political fighter that knows how to play the game of power and get her way at all costs.


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Finance Business

Graeme Holm: Helping Australian Families with their Debts

In 2013, Graeme Holm and his partner, Rebecca Walker took six months to come up with an original business plan to help Australian Families enter the mortgage market, Infinity Group Australia. He researched problems that Australian families were dealing with in the Australian mortgage market. After 17 years in the financial business, Holm discovered that these families were not receiving good deals and he decided to use the personal training concept to the mortgage industry by assigning a personal banker to each family


Graeme Holm also learned that most of this families did not have a lot of money and they were paying the minimum payments on 30-year termed mortgages. He used his love for finance and helping families to create Infinity Group Australia. The goal of the brokerage is to put families first and enable them to stabilize their financial future.


Infinity Group Australia offers many services including property investment, debt reduction, retirement strategies, and wealth creation. Unlike most financial services, Infinity Group Australia helps families for the long-term and continues to help and guide them to make certain that they obtain financial success. So far, research shows that 100% of clients have paid off more of their debt in three months with Infinity Group Australia compared to the previous twelve months.


How do they do it? There is a process that they stick with and it works. After a few meetings with their new clients, they establish a weekly budget down to the last dollar. This includes expenses for groceries, entertainment, gas, and other necessities. This brokerage does not stop working with the client once the loan has been repaid. Instead, they stick with the client and help them to pay off other loans. The families will also receive a monthly progress report that shows how well they are reaching their goals and any improvements that can and should be made.


The customer service experience at Infinity Group Australia is also quite a stellar experience. Clients enjoy the personal attention they receive. They also feel less stressed about their finances and financial future and can spend more quality time with their families.


Graeme Holm and the Infinity Group Australia empowers families to pay off their debts quicker while still living securely and having fun in the process. Learn more :

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Surf Air Expands And Celebrates For 5th Anniversary

Surf Air is one of the coolest airlines I have ever heard of. This small company based out of Santa Monica, California, allows members to take unlimited charter flights. It’s almost like renting or leasing your own private plane. And the company has just announced expansion to 20 new cities in Europe.

That means members would be able to fly to cities like Zürich, Luxembourg, Brussels, Vienna, Munich and Milan on their own charter flights. And the airline has gone a step further by announcing a partnership with Blade Air which is based up in the Northeast United States.

This partnership will allow Surf Air customers to access Blade’s destination up in the Northeast. This Blade company is just as cool as Surf Air. They fly helicopters and seaplanes between New York City and destinations like East Hampton and Newport. Seaplanes also take people to Nantucket and Manhattan.

This is a really awesome move by Surf Air but it doesn’t end there. Surf Air has announced membership enhancements for all of its customers to celebrate five years of flying. They want to enhance the entire Surf Air flying experience for their already existing customers.

The charter flight company originally started as a way for its customers to squeeze every last drop out of their weekends. It arranged to charter flights for its members to destinations in California. They have since expanded into a luxury travel company in a mere five years.

Customers were able to experience the lavish culinary culture of San Francisco, the thundering outdoors of Lake Tahoe and the coastal scenery of Santa Barbara. And now Surf Air customers are being treated to charter flights all around the world.

One of the exclusive benefits of being a surf air customer is exclusivity. Only the most powerful and well-connected use Surf Air’s services and so being a customer gives you incredible networking opportunities. And Surf Air allows you to networking some of the most lavish private suites at airports around the world. This is especially true at LAX where members are allowed access to the swanky Private Suite LAX.

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Online Marketing

The RealReal is Real

The RealReal is an online designer consignment company founded by Julie Wainwright in 2011. Before starting The RealReal she previously worked in the tech field and was the Chief Executive Officer of and therefore making it easy for Wainwright to market her company. Wainwright noticed that buying second-hand designer items has become a popular trend and she chose to act on it. The RealReal is based out of San Francisco, California and employs over 800 people. Most of the company’s products are sold for over $1,200 per item although they do have items that fall in the lower hundred price range. If the company continues its success rate in sales they will receive over $500 million in revenue before years end. Being that buying second-hand luxury item has increased in popularity, The RealReal has a lot of online competitors. This company gives fashionista the ability to shop at bargain prices.

Julie Wainwright opened her first story in the SoHo neighborhoods of New York City and she hopes to continue to open stores around the United States in the future. Courtney Applebaum designed Julie Wainwright’s first store providing a comfortable environment for customers to wait for appraisals as well as browse the merchandise. The store set up allows wainwright to optimize her space but still provide a unique shopping experience for customers. To make sure that all mechanize is authentic Wainwright has one employee who oversees all incoming items and she/he is responsible for inspecting all items personally making sure that everything is indeed a true luxury item.

Julie Wainwright’s online merchandise is the same as what is sold in her physical store in New York City and therefore she has created a sophisticated system to make sure all customers can shop with ease. If a shopper picks up an item in the store an employee is responsible for marking the item as unavailable online until the item gets placed back on the floor. If the item is purchased online an employee quickly removes the item from the floor in the store. This allows for both online and in person shoppers to have a positive shopping experience and knowledge that the items they want will still be available by the time they check out. This is extremely beneficial for online shopper because they will be able to see what is unavailable to them in a timely fashion. What customers enjoy is that they are able to view the items in person and see the actual condition of an item, which is hard to tell in a picture. Julie Wainwright took her amazing merchandising skills and created a wonder profitable online and in-store business.

Business Success, Food Supplier

Sheldon Lavin Role in Food Production and Packaging Industry

Sheldon Lavin has taken the food industry very seriously, and this is why he has been getting to higher levels every day. The businessman is currently the force that has been introducing positive changes in one of the largest food companies in the world, known to many as OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin came into this industry with the primary mission to bring change, and he has been working with all the dedication needed to get to his current position in the market. Sheldon, unlike many people in the world, has got to his current position and success in the traditional way. The businessman has worked from day one to acquire his respect. Sheldon Lavin had a very normal childhood.

The businessman worked in the best way in his school days, and this led to his admission in one of the leading universities in the United States. Lavin, however, did not study about food production when he was at the university. The businessman has a website that shows that he graduated with a degree in finance, and he left to start his career in the formal employment world. Sheldon worked for several companies in the United States until he acquired enough knowledge and expertise to start his first company. The organization started by the businessman offered consultation services to the people in the finance department.

Because he was skilled, very many people were willing to consult him so that they could make a new start in their career lives and their finances.Many companies got better financially because they got the services from the businessman. Sheldon Lavin work in finance consultation was short lived. The businessman got an opportunity to join the food industry when he joined a company called OSI Group. The businessman understands his great job so well, and he is always there for the customers whenever they need him. Sheldon Lavin has shown the world that it is possible to change careers and also perform so well. The businessman has been bringing so many innovations in the food production and packaging department. Lavin has helped to introduce most of the company branches that have been reported in the recent times.


Vijay Eswaran Philosophies of Life

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, founder and executive chairman of a Q1 group of companies that deal with real estate, hospitality, retail and education. He is also a successful author of philosophical books. He became the founder and chairman of RHYTHM foundation, Quest international university Perak from 2005 to date.

How to embrace change

Vijay Eswaran says the difference is within you and you can decide to change or remain the same. Even though change is a personal choice, it goes through cycles. One set of change will lead to another, and once you start changing, another move will follow to make you a whole new person mentally, physically and spiritually.

Change requires sacrifice it does not come for free. You will go through pain to become the person you desire to be. Vijay says, when changing, you should not change the goodness in you. Some good parts of you should remain unchanged.

How Fear leads to success

Fear is not choosy. It affects everyone regardless of gender and social status. How you handle fear is what matters. Vijay says those who befriend and harness fear fuels them to reach the success of their dreams. Those who allow fear to consume them live a rough life of guilt and unhappiness. Fear can paralyse your life or fuel you to success.

He also reveals how fear reveals itself to people. It comes as excitement in disguise, it clouds a layer in your subconscious mind for you to fail, but once you take the initiative to overcome it, you become excited after achieving your goals.

Vijay’s view of servant leadership

Eswaran defines a real leader as one who puts the needs of other people before his. A servant leader cares about other people and has a clear vision of where he wants to take his people. Each person under servant leadership has clear roles to help reach the destination. You need to have core values of humility, honesty, acceptance, truth and compassion to be a servant leader. You should also be committed to helping other people grow and become better versions of themselves. The willingness to sacrifice your time and resources to help others should come naturally with you.

Vijay empowers people to live each day at a time as nothing is guaranteed tomorrow. The books he has written motivate people to maximise their time and overcome fear to reach success.

Financial Investment, investor

Invest with Matt Badiali Freedom Checks

Following the new tax plan that has been passed by the government, there are many benefits that are expected to reach out to the people and businesses. Tax breaks will be making people some good money in coming days. Also, there are good opportunities which are coming up for the next one year. There is $34.6 billion which will be available for payout starting this month. This is money that any American can make by following a simple investment strategy. This money is available for all investors, and the prospects are looking very good. That amount of money in just a matter of one week is a lot of money.

The money made by every investor is not equal, it will depend on how much you invest. If you invest large amounts, you will get large payouts and vice versa. Just like an investment in the stock market, this simple investment strategy will depend on how much one is willing to part with. This investment strategy has huge potential and can be a way to financial freedom that many of us relish.

The investment strategy we are talking about was introduced by financial expert Matt Badiali and is known as “Freedom Checks.” In a video that has been doing rounds online, Badiali explains the whole concept of the freedom Checks, saying that everyone can benefit from them. Everyone can make money despite how much they currently earn. The beauty of the whole program is that it does not discriminate on the people who can benefit from it.

The Freedom Checks program is private unlike what others have tried to say that it is a government run program. Matt Badiali says this could easily be the biggest project that has rewarded huge amount of money to individual investors.

The Freedom Checks program involves investing in companies known as MLPs. The Master Limited Partnerships are companies that were established in the 1980s to boost the local American companies in certain industries. These corporations enjoy tax relief, unlike other corporates. However, they are required top strictly get 90 percent of their revenue from within the United States. Since these companies enjoy tax reliefs, they are able to turn most of their profits into investors’ benefits.

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Trading Moderator

Keeping Pace With Crude Oil: Netpicks

Netpicks is an online stock trading company that was founded in 1996. Over the past twenty years, it has been at the forefront of online trading when it was just starting to take off. Netpicks is headquartered in Irving, Texas and always keeps the investor in mind. Netpicks is a company that is passionate about helping investors reach each and every one of their financial goals. This is how committed the staff at Netpicks is.

On the Youtube channel, a Netpicks trader is looking at the price of crude oil while talking with other traders. The method that works best is buying low and selling high so the trader can make the most money possible. Each week Netpicks comes out with a crude oil inventory report. For the past couple of weeks, Netpicks advisers have waited for the report to sink into the mainstream before taking advantage of the crude oil price market. Now that the report has sunk in the trader is using the Spotlight Power Trader to focus on crude oil. Now he wants to hit a certain target and he buys three orders of crude oil stock, look here (

Over a minute later he finds that the stock has increased and that his target goals have been realized. The trader says that the crude oil market has been one of the big winners in the market as of late. He says it may not be reflected in the price paid at the pump but, the price of crude oil in the market keeps going up. This will help investors consider jumping on the crude oil bandwagon to get in on the deal, more on

The trader says by using the Spotlight Power Trader along with the Counter Punch Trader, seasoned investors can figure out what to invest in and what to avoid. By using the power of the people at NetPicks, people can be confident in being able to reach their short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals, learn more information on People must remember that there is always a risk in the market but, the people at NetPicks know how to do their best for clients.

Check-out Netpicks’ for more information.

Businessman, Editor, Expert, Investment Advisor, Matt

Matt Badiali Introduces the Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penn State University. He specialized in sciences at his bachelor’s level and later advanced his education by acquiring master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He is also a Ph.D. holder in sciences. In 2004, he got into finance industry with the help of a friend. According to his friend, he discovered that Matt Badiali could make a positive change in the finance industry. He has a passion for helping small business traders to grow and expand their operations by providing up to date information that helps them to make informed decisions. The clients who have taken advantage of his advice have realized high returns. Some of them have made triple-digit profits. He is the brain behind a new publication by Banyan Hill Publishing called Real Wealth Strategist. Read more at to know more.

According to Matt Badiali, the use of electricity as a form of energy is likely to increase. Currently, there is an overdependence on fossil fuels. He hopes that a battery technology will be developed with the potential to supply a city with enough power. The technology is expected to make a significant transformation in the energy industry. The oil industry is very volatile, and the prices keep changing from time to time. Recently, He introduced freedom checks that are expected to benefit organizations and investors in the energy industry. Some of the investors are expected to receive as much as $160, 923. Just like any other type of investment, the more you invest, the more the returns.

The best thing about the freedom checks is that there are no limitations such as the age or the income level of the investor. Matt Badiali refers to the freedom checks as a cash grab as they have very high potential returns. He is involved in various forums that aim at creating more awareness on investing to earn more returns with fewer risks. Recently, he attended the Total Wealth Symposium. The event is organized every year with key stakeholders in various sectors of the economy. The attendees are expected to get returns of up to $1 million within one year.

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Dr. Mark Mofid raises the Bar for the Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Negative news headlines have been the order of the day for the gluteal augmentation industry. For a long time in history, this industry has been associated with a myriad of medical malpractices and accidents. A lot of cosmetic surgeries have turned into sheer failure due to negligence and greed associated with the medical experts. However, a new face for the industry is in the process of being restored with the efforts of ethical and innovative experts such as Dr. Mark Mofid.

Dr. Mofid trained as a surgeon at the Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities. There, he gained extensive proficiency in matters related to human skin, fat and muscle structure. Through his research skills, Dr. Mark Mofid has always been in the quest for different and better ways of improving the practices of the gluteal augmentation industry.

Some of the unique things that have helped Dr. Mark Mofid to build a good reputation in the cosmetic medical community is his adherence to the medical principles and safety practices. Unlike many medical experts around the world, Dr. Mark Mofid is so keen on matters regarding patients’ safety. He always shuns greed and allows reason to guide him in his operations.

For instance, it’s very common to find patients in the cosmetic surgery industry asking for very risky surgeries but on the other hand are likely to earn the doctor a good chunk of money. In such a scenario, Mark Mofid’s priority is always the safety of the patient. He would never attempt to engage in an operation that he is sure would put the patient’s health at dander.

On the other hand, Dr. Mark Mofid has several other aspects that keep his reputation clean and consequently earns him a lot of trust from many people in America. One of them is his research-oriented approach to innovation. For the 8 years that the industry guru has been in practice, he has always believed in existence of endless opportunities for future improvements. This has seen him spend countless hours in constant research for new ways in which the gluteal augmentation industry can use to improve its practices. He has been researching in collaboration with other renowned experts in the industry, especially from Brazil.