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Beneficial Purchase By OSI Group

In 2016, one of the largest provider and developer of custom foods in the world. OSI Group, LLC is working in more than twenty countries and with the biggest brands of fast food companies in the world.

OSI Group, LLC made a purchase that grew the company and expanded the business. The purchase was of a Dutch brand that is dedicated to manufacturing deli meats, convenience foods, snacks and others. The company OSI Group bought is called Baho Foods. Baho Foods was added to the business in Europe and expanded the presence of OSI Group.

The president of OSI Group, LLC spoke favorably of the purchase of Baho Foods. Mr. David G. McDonalds is the President and Chief operating officer of the large corporation. He stated in a public interview that the product of Baho Food are complementary for the business that OSI Group has established.

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The company of Baho Foods has five subsidiaries. It has subsidiaries in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. The businesses that Baho Foods has consisted of are Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, as well as Q Smart Life. The have been serving for and making business in more than ten countries across the European continent.

The managing director of Baho Foods Mr. John Balvers also talked about the subject. Mr. John Balvers talked about the excitement that he and many other members of the company of Baho Foods are experiencing. They will be joining the giant OSI Group, Llc and believe that their careers will become more successful as a part of the large corporation.

The portfolios of the two companies are impressive, and they also complement each other very well. Due to that fact, the joined strengths of the companies will be able to provide better services for their clients.



Jeremy Goldstein’s Wealth of Experience, Knowledge and Compassion

The New York Bar Association’s referral website at has transformed the way to shop for an attorney. Among the attorneys featured and enthused about the project is Jeremy L. Goldstein. The website’s name is the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The online platform simplifies the process by eliminating the redundancy of having to speak to multiple people about your matter. It’s a great saving for those who need to be budget conscious, as the request is free of charge. Should you want to consult with one of the attorneys a small fee of $35 is sometimes required. This is far less than what most attorneys that bill by the hour charge.


Goldstein’s firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC is a firm that focuses on corporate law. His specialty is in dealing with complex and sensitive matters, making him even more valuable. The market he focuses on specifically is issues dealing with corporate policy and governance and compensation of executives. He’s taken on some of the biggest legal ventures in recent history and even transacted mergers and acquisitions. This vast experience is rather impressive for a young attorney. He’s also served as a partner before opening his own firm.


Jeremy Goldstein not only has experience but, his academic record is stellar as well. He graduated from New York University’s law school with distinction. He’s stayed involved academically by continuing to advise and contribute to scholarly business and law publications. Public speaking at national conferences and seminars are typically on his agenda. He’s involved in the community by serving on the board of directors with a local charity called Fountain House, and the nationally recognized Make a Wish Foundation. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication make him an all around top attorney in New York.


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Brian Bonar

Hussein Sajwani Is A Real Estate Giant

Hussain Sajwani became a name of trust in UAE when Dubai government allowed foreigners to own a land anywhere in whole Dubai. That was the time when Hussain has founded his company under the name DAMAC Properties. He considered non-Emiratis as his primary and targeted clients, and he designed and constructed a building that can offer an utmost experience for such individuals.

After Hussain Sajwani purchased a piece of undeveloped land, he due to his customer’s trust, managed to sell a huge number flats in his story residential building within first few months and at that time, he did not even place a single founding stone.

That trust is not easy to get. He worked very hard and helped people to find a place they are looking for aggressive deals and now he is reaping the fruit of his devotion and dedication. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

DAMAC Properties had also teamed up with Donald Trump when he wasn’t the POTUS to develop two golf courses under the umbrella of his construction company. In a press conference, when he took a vow as POTUS, he praised Hussain Sajwani and his family by calling Hussain as an amazing man.

Hussain Sajwani primarily stepped into the food service business, attracting huge clients such as the Bechtel, a construction giant and U.S. military. He still owns that food service firm because he doesn’t want to forget his past. He wants to remember about his footprint.

Since 2013, DAMAC Properties has business ties with a US company after taking a project of US$6 billion (AED22 billion) for the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. Hussain is hoping to work hard to strengthen business ties between the Donald Trump Organization and DAMAC.

Even though Trump and getting elected as POTUS said that he would not take part in any of his business deals, but his children will now look into his real estate business; Ivanka and sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Hussain Sajwani said that all of Donald’s children had real estate experience and involved in property business and DAMAC will have no issue in growing and expanding their business relation.

Gold Coins

U.S. Money Reserve Develops An Interactive Website

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve announced that they had succeeded in developing an interactive e-commerce platform, According to the company, the site has new features and capabilities. The new look captures their position as a leader in the competitive precious metals industry. In addition, the new feature underlines the company’s value of trust and focus to a superior customer care experience.


The online redesign has an impressive photography of the company’s president, Philip N. Diehl. In addition, it features a new coin gallery. U.S. Money Reserve posited that the new site would focus on educating the public on the advantages of purchasing Government-issued bullion besides augmenting consumers experience in owning precious metals. The vice president responsible for creative and brand, Ryan Buchanan, asserted that the fully responsive tool would enable them to generate superior quality content on all the company’s platforms. He went on to state that they will be able to communicate with clients and offer them a variety of precious metals products courtesy of their secure online storefront.


Buchanan played pivotal role in the redesigning process, including implementing numerous new features and applications. The online shop is now capable of providing live competitive pricing on bars, gold and silver bullion. In addition, U.S. Money Reserve shall offer PCGS certified coins and a broad range of products to the prospective buyers of precious metals. Consumers seeking latest information on precious metals will only have to visit the Knowledge Center or subscribe for a detailed gold information kit. Through these platforms, clients will be able to read and understand the terms associated with grading, coin minting and purchasing. In addition, customers can access latest updates on the broad precious market through the Full Headline Gold News Room.


Through their innovative Client-Connect Advantage, the corporation can contact customers for purchasing assistance, one-on-one consultations, secure offline transactions and special offline releases. U.S. Money Reserve BuyBack Guarantee assures clients of a full refund on their certified orders, within 30 days, at the existing market value. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as outlined in this link


About U.S. Money Reserve

Because of its world-class products and services, the corporation has been able to satisfy the utility of over 400,000 clients. U.S. Money Reserve has experienced account executives, customer relations departments, order verification personnel and inventory department. In addition, U.S. Money Reserve has a vault and shipping department, coin research professionals, industry numismatic experts and compliance and standards department. The company’s professionals have played an integral role in helping clients to choose precious metals that align with their investment needs. The company is highly trusted by the public.

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Interact With Online Reviews For Online Reputation

One of the common mistakes that businesses of all sizes make is that they don’t interact with their customers. When it comes to reviews, they don’t even bother to respond to it. It won’t be surprising if the business owner is not even aware of any reviews being made towards it. However, most large companies are not that badly affected by reviews. They will still have customers visiting. For one thing, they are already established and the customers that are currently visiting have had enough of an experience with the company in order to make their own choices on whether or not they are going to continue visiting the business.

For those that are a bit smaller, it might be helpful for them to respond to all of the reviews that are written about them. For one thing, says, these reviews are going to possibly take away a vast majority of customers or gain a ton of customers depending on the nature of these reviews. Therefore, when it comes to bad reviews, it is important for people to address the issue. There are a lot of approaches that business owners can take. The only thing that they must do is tread carefully.

One of the ways that the business owner can respond to bad reviews is by talking to the reviewer if he could. They could have a discussion about the problems he has found with the service. Afterwards, the business owner can negotiate with the reviewer and figure out a compromise or a resolution. This could make things better for both the reviewer and the business owner. For one thing, the business owner will show that he is willing and skilled at resolving issues. This is good for one’s online reputation and will attract plenty of customers. One thing that people look for in a business is one that is going to tend to the needs of the customer.

Expert Realtor

The Inspiring Career Journey of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is among the most sought after real estate agents in Pickerington, Ohio. She has been in the industry for close to three decades, although she was licensed as an agent in 1995. Tammy’s introduction in the career was through The Edwards Realty Company, a firm that specialized in developing and selling commercial realty properties. Tammy commenced a professional career as a secretary in the early 1990s, but she was called up somewhere along the way to be part of a group of nine commercial agents. Here, Tammy got the chance to work with the talented and experienced commercial realtor, Mr. Mike Zelnik. This exposure gave her a good real estate agency mentorship and nurturing. She later relinquished her duties at the firm to join Scotland Yard Condominiums. For more info visit her website.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

At Scotland Yard Condominiums, Tammy was privileged to work with an even more experienced realtor, Ken Cook, who was the then general manager in the firm. During the seven years that she was with the company, Tammy amassed a lot of knowledge on real estate business from the best minds in the industry at the time. Ken, who also owned a real estate brokerage firm by the name Cook Realty, was largely involved in helping Tammy build her career. In 1995, ken persuaded her to register for a real estate agent license and Tammy obliged.

Working as a Personal Assistance

Upon leaving Scotland Yard Condominiums as a licensed agent, Tammy was hired by T&R Properties to serve in the position of a multi-site property manager. In this post, her main duty was to manage properties owned by the company. In 1998, Joe Armeni, who was the best RE/MAX producer of the time, offered Tammy a job to work as his personal assistant in a remote village in Columbus. Tammy got licensed for this role as well. One calendar year working alongside Joe did not just give her the privilege of learning firsthand from a real estate maestro, but also provoked her desire to establish herself as a focused real estate agent, which she did in 1999. See more:

Judy Gang & Associates

In 2010, Tammy got a chance to ply her trade with Judy Gang & Associates, a real estate company located in Pickerington, Ohio. Tammy has been in the firm for the last 17 years, with her business relationship with Judy metamorphosing into friendship. Judy has been a great source of mentorship and inspiration for Tammy. To this end, Tammy has been a real estate heavyweight in Franklin and central Ohio, that can be found on crunchbase.

Hospital, Medical Technology

Copa Star – Hospital From a New Era

Ever since one hospital in Brazil opened doors, a higher standard was set for the rest of the medical institution to reach. The hospital is located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in the city of Copacabana, hence the name of the hospital – Copa Star.

There are quite a few features that make the Hospital Copa Star unique. The interior design of the building was modelled after the design of a five-star hotel. Both the common areas and the patient’s rooms are elegantly furnished to add luxury and a smooth feeling to the experience. There are plush couches and armchairs instead of uncomfortable plastic chairs lining up the walls. The lighting and the smell in the Copa Star Hospital are also a lot more different than what people are used to experiencing in general hospitals. The light at Copa Star is designed to resemble a homey atmosphere, and the smell is of citrus and wood.

Another feature that is one of a kind is the way the corridors are organised and structured. There is a separate area for staff members to use in order to secure the safe and quick transit of doctors and nurses. The separate area has proven to be most important and useful when there is an emergency regarding a patient. The separate area also provides a better experience for visitors to the hospital and gets rid of traffic in the corridors. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The walls of the hospital are decorated with pieces of art. In fact, the hospital has its gallery. The gallery is open to all patients to visit and has over two hundred paintings by the famous Japanese artists Yutaka. Both the leaders and the staff of Copa Star understand the fact that a speedy recovery also requires something to smile about. Thus there is art provided in order to elevate the mood of the patients.

Another great feature of the buildings how it was built. The material that had been used is ecologically friendly and it the structure of the hospital allows for better energy conservation. The Copa star hospital has been able to cut down on energy expenses significantly and aims to inspire other institutions to do the same and be more conscious of the environment. The hospital has the mission of taking care not only of the patients but also of the world that surrounds it.

The Copa Star Hospital was built to try and inspire other hospitals to reach and strive for a higher standard. They should provide better services, to create the best team of doctors and nurses they possibly can, to show more care for the environment and along the way to create a new era of hospitals all around the world. Visit their profile page on Facebook

Entrepreneurs, Technology

Entrepreneur Jason Hope Has A Habit Of Getting It Right

Jason Hope, Arizona’s most famous tech entrepreneur, has made a career about predicting trends in technology long before they materialize. In some instances, he has been able to do this by becoming the trend setter himself. This has given Mr. Hope a certain authority in his predictions about things to come.

The Internet of Things will change everything

Lately, Mr. Hope has taken to blogs, magazines and tech sites of different stripes to lay out his vision of what the coming technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things will look like and how they will change people’s lives for the better.

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Jason Hope believes that this quickly developing space will represent a transformational achievement, on the order of the Industrial Revolution or the invention of the computer itself.

For starters, Hope believes that technologies like self-driving cars will free up vast amounts of time and create tremendous gains in productivity. This will not just be seen in people’s daily commutes, where, rather than spending hours in traffic every day, the common man will effectively have his own 24/7 personal chauffeur. It will also have huge effects on things like the logistics industry, where one of the main costs in transporting goods over the nation’s roadways is that of hiring drivers and other workers, for example, in the warehouse.

On that note, Jason Hope predicts that facilities such as Amazon’s fulfillment center, which are nearly 100 percent automated, will become commonplace. This will have a profound effect on the costs of production and the ability of labor to be redirected to more value-added tasks.

Financial Advisors

Madison Street Capital Makes a Mark in the Investment and Advisory Industry Once Again

Madison Street Capital added another feather to its cap when it helped ARES Security to find a financial partner in January 2017. Based out of Vienna, VA, ARES Security offers security solutions to its customers. Madison Street Capital was the company behind their deal with Corbel Structured Partners. The Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh personally supervised the partnership that is going to change the way Ares does business and open it up to meet global challenges in a better way.



The deal was announced at a conference by the Chief Executive Officer and President of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botch. He is a pioneer in the investment industry and known for his expertise in the field because of which he was chosen to announce the successful partnership. It was him along with the Senior Managing Director that overlooked the entire deal and ensured its profitability for all partners involved. Both of them were happy to work with ARES as their investment company and ARES executives agreed that they would not have found a better option in the industry.



ARES Security was highly impressed by the work done by the Madison team in helping secure the right investment partner in the form of Corbel. They agreed that the capital structure framed by Corbel would assist the company move in the right direction. They hope to maintain the quick sales momentum due to it and also capitalize more revenue opportunities that come their way. Ben Eazetta, the President of ARES Security, said that they were honored to work with Madison and the new development on the business front would help them offer advanced end-to-end technology solutions to their clients in the future.



Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago and offers investment banking services to its long list of clients. The company develops high-end solutions to ensure that their customers can not just float but rise above its competitors to be successful. The company is known for their high values and business norms that they follow religiously, which has helped Madison Street Capital Reputation.



The company treats each of their clients equally and ensures their success by aligning their goals with their own for better results. By working with many big customers, the company has gained immense experience in the industry and have in-depth knowledge that is of actual value to their customers. It is their high professional standards that set them apart from their competitors in the highly competitive financial sector.


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Strathclyde University

Brian Bonar’s Blueprints On Finances

Brian has used his financial expertise to make business operations easier for small to mid-sized businesses. He’s on the board of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a parent company to several subsidiaries that Bonar has been instrumental in founding.

For Bonar, the blueprints he’s used for financial success have involved cutting costs to small businesses through establishing systematic partnerships or through selling benefits packages that cut down costs in the long run. One of Bonar’s most well-known ideas has been a professional employer organization (PEO), an approach he’s implemented at several companies including Trucept Inc. (formerly SmarTek Solutions) and SourceOne Group.

A PEO is a company that handles the HR and accounting operations for the business they enter into a partnership with. Their service fees are smaller than costs it would entail these businesses to hire extra employees for these tasks and the PEO supplies the benefits for all company employees in addition to their own.

The partnering company can let the PEO handle the heavy lifting such as recruiting, interviewing and hiring with their permission new employees. They are usually listed as the company of record on employee earnings statements and tax forms.

The partnering company has the final say over hiring and termination decisions and can dissolve the partnership with the PEO at their own discretion. Bonar has helped popularize this form of business partnering in addition to using automated technology to help keep track of employee records.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has gained a deep knowledge of integrating technology with business and it began back when he worked for IBM UK Ltd. Bonar has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Strathclyde University in his motherland Scotland and got his MBA in the field from Staffordshire University just prior to joining IBM.

At IBM he oversaw various software developments and business system developments. In addition to IBM, Bonar also worked for QMS Management, Bezier Systems, Adaptec and the Solvis Group. He joined the San Diego company Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1995.

In addition to running several high tech companies and founding business partnership solutions, Bonar is also invested in the restaurant business. He’s made several acquisitions in the San Diego and Escondido area of California including Bellamy’s and soon the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

Brian Bonar certainly has a passion for food and fine dining and is doing all he can to attract tourists to this San Diego suburb with his restaurant investments. He’s also got quite the eye for chefs as leading the way at Bonar’s restaurant at Bellamy’s and soon Bandy Canyon is an award winning chef, Patrick Ponsaty. But when he isn’t busy on the hiring trail, you might find Bonar out on the golf course or out boating.