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Fighting for the DACA scheme

Grand Old Party also known as The Republican Party hardliners have started a multipronged attack on the DACA program and the scary news is reverberating among networks and organization belonging to young immigrants. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) offers youth who possess some basics an amnesty from banishment, the chance to get employment in the United States and a social security number for a period of two years that can be renewed. The programs as practiced in most states permit the recipient to get a driver’s license and admittance to programs that offer tuition fees in their particular states.


Ken Paxton who is the attorney general of the state of Texas has already written to the Trump administration requesting them to withdraw the DACA program. If their request is not addressed, the attorney general has even promised to take legal action. However, the state attorney general is suggesting gradual termination that ensures that during the phasing off period, no renewals are done, and obviously no new applicants are considered. To cap it all, one governor and nine attorney generals from the red states showed their agreement and support by appending names to the letter.


During a meeting with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland security, he affirmed that the DACA program that benefits eight hundred thousand persons was in danger. He specifically cited the legal cases that have been launched challenging the scheme as what informed the communication. Although advocates and DREAMers had begun talking the imminent demise of DACA for some time, Kelly’s admission was particularly frightening.


Supporters of the scheme contend that the DACA program that has been around for five years has conveyed tangible profits to the United States. Out of all the DACA program receivers, 95% either study or work and occasionally do both. Their contribution which runs into millions of dollars to universities and colleges nationwide cannot be ignored. Gradually, they enhance their paychecks and pay higher taxes in the process. The economic gains that DACA program receivers are put back into business creation, purchase of cars and homes and education advancement


Many students can testify about the DACA scheme success. The demise of DACA program could see alternative foundations such The Frontera Fund that benefit the Hispanic community in Arizona that have been racially marginalized stretched to breaking point. The Fund has vowed to offer guidance, assistance, and information in the pursuit of the DACA preservation.


The Charismatic Cameron Clokie

Therapy involving the cells has been simplified by placing cells that have been donated by an individual into a patient in order to cure a certain disease. This is not the case in the real sense. Molecules, utilized cells, and biomaterials have been used to fix the diseases using generative medicine but this has enabled the body not to function normally as in the case.

Treatments involving regenerative medicine are slow in the society. Only a few breakthroughs have been realized on some patients while private health centers are maximizing the opportunity to extort money from their patients. Blood transfusion was among the early forms of cell transfusion and is still vital in the society. Read more: Cameron Clokie Believes Technology is Changing Dentistry For The Better

Bone Marrow transport was another cell transfusion method that was vital for patients suffering from cancer. The stem allowed healthy blood cells to develop in the individual’s body which added life to the individual. Doctor Clokie advises that in cases where an individual suffers multiple burns, therapy of the cells can be performed using the same individual’s cells.

Individuals who do not suffer multiple burn scan use generative medicine. The generative medicine has not been utilized by the most medical fraternity despite the efforts of the medical personnel in finding out the causes of some ailments. The Lancet report gives probabilities of some conditions such as the heart, stroke and the neurological conditions.

Crunchbase revealed that Doctor Cameron Clokie accepts that generative medicine comes with lots of benefits but the cost of the treatment is very high. Clokie further says that the implementation process will be slower and further will cover a small portion of the population due to the high income the medicine comes with.

The Doctor is an entrepreneur and owns a regenerative medicine company called the Induce Biologics Inc. The company is involved in finding solutions for the reconstruction of the musculoskeletal. Clokie has been involved in practicing clinical medicine and the academic dentistry for over thirty years.

Cameron has served as a scientific advisor to several companies as well as being a member of various boards he has participated in. Cameron Clokie has presented on various scientific matters locally and internationally as well as publishing papers concerning regenerative and reconstructive medicine that have made him famous.