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Banco Bradesco Has A New President But Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Still Instrumental To The Development Of The Bank

From late last year (2017), Banco Bradesco has been experiencing tremendous changes in its leadership docket. It all began when the serving president at that moment, Brandao de Mello decided to step down. When asked why he made that move, he stated his good intentions in allowing a more youthful business leader to take over. At that moment, he also suggested that Luiz Carlos Trabuco should take over.

Well, that was not all from him as he went on to insist on the importance of maintaining the already available staff as the major service providers. In this case, he meant that Banco Bradesco, under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco should uphold internal recruitment. Just like he wished, the board of directors kept their word. However, before the election of a new president, Luiz Carlos was busy implementing pension reforms behind the scenes. Consequently, the subject took over the major projects of the banking institution. Even so, there was still the need to elect a new president as per the policies of the bank.

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The New President
After more than four months of serving the bank as the president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco chaired a meeting to elect a new president. Just like Brandao had first instructed the board of directors to consider hiring from within, the list of candidates who vied for the presidential position was released. Guided by strict regulations, the board of directors concentrated on the candidate whose contribution to the development of the firm seemed to be more conspicuous. Of course, most candidates qualified for the position according to Nevertheless, from the look of every resume, it was concluded that Octavio de Lazari was more qualified and determined to move the firm to the next level of growth. From the look of his resume, it was established that he joined the firm at a tender age. Other than that, he was a mere office boy who worked hard to pave a career path as an executive according to With those qualities, alongside the dedication he portrayed over the past twenty years, it was only justifiable for the board of directors to elect him as the next president. Moreover, after his election, Octavio Junior promised to deliver unparalleled results not only as a team leader but also a team player.

The Future of Banco Bradesco
Following the changes registered at Banco Bradesco,the leading bank in Brazil, many people have asked about the impending future of the bank. To answer this question, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed that the bank is as usual on the right path of growth and development. Moreover, there is a pension reform policy that he is already working on. To assure the public of its viability, he resorted to involving the government. From the look of his dedication, the government might just consider passing the law on pension reforms before the elections.

In correspondence to the leadership of Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos has insisted that he shall work alongside Octavio de Lazari to establish a strong service portfolio for clients. Hopefully, they shall maintain the stellar rapport of the firm as usual.