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Graeme Holm: Helping Australian Families with their Debts

In 2013, Graeme Holm and his partner, Rebecca Walker took six months to come up with an original business plan to help Australian Families enter the mortgage market, Infinity Group Australia. He researched problems that Australian families were dealing with in the Australian mortgage market. After 17 years in the financial business, Holm discovered that these families were not receiving good deals and he decided to use the personal training concept to the mortgage industry by assigning a personal banker to each family


Graeme Holm also learned that most of this families did not have a lot of money and they were paying the minimum payments on 30-year termed mortgages. He used his love for finance and helping families to create Infinity Group Australia. The goal of the brokerage is to put families first and enable them to stabilize their financial future.


Infinity Group Australia offers many services including property investment, debt reduction, retirement strategies, and wealth creation. Unlike most financial services, Infinity Group Australia helps families for the long-term and continues to help and guide them to make certain that they obtain financial success. So far, research shows that 100% of clients have paid off more of their debt in three months with Infinity Group Australia compared to the previous twelve months.


How do they do it? There is a process that they stick with and it works. After a few meetings with their new clients, they establish a weekly budget down to the last dollar. This includes expenses for groceries, entertainment, gas, and other necessities. This brokerage does not stop working with the client once the loan has been repaid. Instead, they stick with the client and help them to pay off other loans. The families will also receive a monthly progress report that shows how well they are reaching their goals and any improvements that can and should be made.


The customer service experience at Infinity Group Australia is also quite a stellar experience. Clients enjoy the personal attention they receive. They also feel less stressed about their finances and financial future and can spend more quality time with their families.


Graeme Holm and the Infinity Group Australia empowers families to pay off their debts quicker while still living securely and having fun in the process. Learn more :