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Donald Scott NYC’s Products Reshaping the Shaving Industry

Razors of different forms have been used throughout history. Using straight razors have several benefits. Use of straight razors brings out a superior and unique shave and does not bring about the aspect of razor burn like the standard razors. This is because the blade goes through your skin for a short time reducing the post-shave irritation. Moreover, straight blade shape is cheaper and it brings about satisfaction and enjoyment. Although buying a good straight razor is not cheap, once you acquire one, it will be an investment that lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, these types of razors are environmentally friendly because their cartridge is not disposable.


Some of the techniques used in straight razor shaving include freehand stroke, reverse hand stroke, and backhand stroke and reverse backhand stroke. In freehand and reverse hand stroke, the thumb is placed on the inside and outside respectively.


About Donald Scott NYC


The most common shaving products of Donald Scott NYC include straight razors carving comb fine, carving comb wide, swivel twist razor,DS/X4 razor, chop stik pro razor, and groom stik pro trimmer. These tools have been developed by Donald Scott NYC are used for various uses including styling, shaping and cutting.