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Jeremy Goldstein’s Wealth of Experience, Knowledge and Compassion

The New York Bar Association’s referral website at has transformed the way to shop for an attorney. Among the attorneys featured and enthused about the project is Jeremy L. Goldstein. The website’s name is the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The online platform simplifies the process by eliminating the redundancy of having to speak to multiple people about your matter. It’s a great saving for those who need to be budget conscious, as the request is free of charge. Should you want to consult with one of the attorneys a small fee of $35 is sometimes required. This is far less than what most attorneys that bill by the hour charge.


Goldstein’s firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC is a firm that focuses on corporate law. His specialty is in dealing with complex and sensitive matters, making him even more valuable. The market he focuses on specifically is issues dealing with corporate policy and governance and compensation of executives. He’s taken on some of the biggest legal ventures in recent history and even transacted mergers and acquisitions. This vast experience is rather impressive for a young attorney. He’s also served as a partner before opening his own firm.


Jeremy Goldstein not only has experience but, his academic record is stellar as well. He graduated from New York University’s law school with distinction. He’s stayed involved academically by continuing to advise and contribute to scholarly business and law publications. Public speaking at national conferences and seminars are typically on his agenda. He’s involved in the community by serving on the board of directors with a local charity called Fountain House, and the nationally recognized Make a Wish Foundation. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication make him an all around top attorney in New York.


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Getting the Right Legal Representation in Brazil

If you are in trouble with the law in Brazil, the representation that you have is important. In some cases, the good reputation lawyer that you choose can make the difference between freedom and jail time. Even if the matter you are facing is not criminal, serious penalties can still result. Losses from lawsuits can be incredibly costly. In the worst cases, a lawsuit can ruin your business or cause you to lose your home.


To choose the right lawyer, it is important to make sure you select a lawyer that specializes in the issue that you need representation for. Luckily, finding this information online is extremely easy. All you need to do is look at the lawyer’s webpage.


It also is important that you find a lawyer that has gotten positive reviews from other clients. There are many websites where you can find reviews of lawyers. In addition to reading reviews online, you can also see what you think of the lawyer yourself prior to hiring them. Most attorneys in Brazil provide potential clients with free consultation services.


Ricardo Tosto:

If you are seeking high powered legal representation in any area of Brazil, Ricardo Tosto can come to your assistance. He specializes in a wide variety of civil cases, and he even provides services for international law cases.


Not only does Ricardo Tosto provide an exceptionally high quality of representation, but he is well known throughout the whole country. When Ricardo Tosto walks into a courtroom, he provides an excellent impression for your case right from the start. He is thought of by many people as the country’s best lawyer.