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Sweetgreen Restaurant

Six years ago, it was impossible to find a healthy place to eat near Georgetown University. After searching the town, Nathaniel Ru and his friends, all seniors at the university, joined to create a fun and healthy way to enjoy a meal with a unique new concept, “sweetgreen”.

Nathaniel’s search for the ideal eatery was in the form of a former tavern on M Street, which made the perfect place to open their first sweetgreen restaurant in downtown Georgetown.

Luckily the 560 square-foot tavern was owned by the landlord of an apartment building near where Ru and his friends lived. When the landlord hung up after the first call Ru and his partners proceeded to call her daily for a month before agreeing to meet to discuss their business plan.

Although the meeting went well, unfortunately the plan was rejected with the caveat that they “find some backers and an architect and come back with a real plan”. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Although it took three and a half weeks to present a new plan with backers to the landlord she evidently recognized the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and proceeded to work with them in their first endeavor to create the best ” farm-to table style restaurant chain, sweetgreen according to Ru.

According to Nathaniel Ru, keeping everything authentic from the employees to the food source is key. He believes that if the employees working together give 110% the customer will tell a friend thus creating a successful marketing concept for expansion of the business.

Another thing that has created an atmosphere of success for sweetgreen is working together with the community with music festivals and even bring yoga to its customers to make a fun and healthy experience at many locations.

Nathaniel Ru, Co-CEO and Co-Founder has been instrumental in the success of sweetgreen which was formed in 2007 with his friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman just three months after graduating Georgetown University business school.

Currently sweetgreen has over 64 stores in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia, this eatery now has over 1700 employees in some of the most affluent and hip neighborhoods in the United States.

Mr Ru and the Co-Founders of Sweetgreen continue to serve the health conscience leaders of our society in its many locations with a fun and healthy eatery serving farm fresh produce.