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Alex Pall sheds light on Chainsmokers

Upcoming songwriter, Halsey, featured in Chainsmokers recently released track ”Closer”. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall had not sang in their previous singles. The former featured in the new single. The two DJs create electronic soundscapes and get vocalists on board to sing their songs. This is becoming increasingly popular among their fellow DJs. This they do to shake off the faceless beat crafters tag that they have been labelled with.

Taggart and Pall are slowly but surely putting in effort to reveal more of themselves. In a recent interview , Alex Pall reveals that he started out DJing in New York City. It wasn’t full time back then. He soon realized that his passion for dance music was growing and he decided to give it a shot. Their current manager introduced him to Taggart and a partnership was born.

Their music background and admirable passion meant that they both had so much to bring to the table. Pall was a great marketer while Andrew had established himself as a remarkable producer. A clear understanding of the market cut them out for success. Their desire to make something out of what they loved kept them going. All they had to do was to create their own brand.

Unlike most partnerships, the two spent most of their days together working on their identity. They pushed themselves beyond the limit to get the best from their talents. The intrinsic motivation made the difference.

The desire to meet the needs of their fans, has kept them relevant over the years. It is no wonder that they are working on personalizing their music. The new release is a testament to this as it delves into their personal lives. Apparently they spend time with the songwriters and dictate the flow of the song.

There is more to come if the need to keep trying out new things according to Alex is anything to go by. An album may be in the offing. Their followers on instagram offer them feedback that keeps them on their toes. We may be seeing more of Halsey as she fits what the two look for in an artist they intend to work with.