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Dick Devos uses Charitable Contributions to make a Big Difference

Many people try to do things to help improve the lives of others. They help by giving their time and by giving resources to organizations that they strong support. Windquest President, Dick Devos, is no different. He has been making charitable contributions for many years. His philanthropic donations have been used to help people in Michigan for many years. The elder Devos also gives to various other causes as well.


Bestsy Devos is the wife of Dick Devos. She is a firm supporter of his work. Together, they have created the Dick and Besty Devos Family Foundation which is used to make critical donations to organizations that help people in need. Their foundation has helped individuals from all walks of life and from different backgrounds.


The Devos have provided monetary support to charities that support schools, the arts and families in need. Their foundation has helped many people within the state of Michigan to find a home. They also have helped to improve the quality of the state’s drinking water in various areas. The donation made through Project Clarity serves this purpose.


Devos and his wife also provides support for the training of art managers and board members. They use their project Devos Institute of Arts Management for this purpose. The Devos’s also have given money in the past to help people to get food, clothing and any other type of assistance that they need. However, the most important area of their giving has to do with education.


Dick and Betsy realized many years ago that many children will fail in life because they did not have a good education. They knew that inner-city families did not have a choice when it came to educating their children. They had to send them to the schools they were assigned to within Michigan’s public school districts. The Devos’s realized that many of these schools were not great places for a child to learn.


They started many charter schools to help change this problem. The different charter schools allowed families to send their children to outstanding places where they would receive high quality instruction. Once a child’s educational opportunities increased, their way of life would naturally improve.


The Devos’s understood this reality early on and became strong supporters of school choice. They now use this education model to ensure that many young students have a great foundation for success in life. Dick Devos is a forward thinking man who has impacted the lives through his contributions inside of the state of Michigan and beyond.


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The Work Of George Soros Strikes A Chord With Philanthropists Across The Globe

The rising tide of philanthropy that takes place across the world each year has recently seen George Soros once again become a leading philanthropist in the world after he made a return to giving in both a political and philanthropic sense. The Open Society Foundations reports the philanthropic focus of George Soros in recent years has shifted from the oppressive regimes of the world that were important to him in the 1970s and 80s when the Cold War was in full effect to fighting for the rights of individuals and groups who are on the fringes of mainstream society. Recently, the Open Society Foundations have been looking to represent ethnic groups, such as the Roma group of people who have been fighting to obtain their personal rights under the constitution of the European Union; under the guise of the Open Society Foundations, George Soros provided funding for the Roma people to get a higher level of legal assistance as they took the fight to the highest levels of the courts of the European Union. Read more about George at The New York Times.

As a globally recognized figure, George Soros reaches different audiences because of the history he has in different areas of the world. In the U.K. Soros is best known for the skills he has shown as a business leader who took a risk on the fact the British currency was on the verge of devaluation; in 1992, Soros is estimated to have made around $1 billion in a single day when the Pound was devalued after a number of moves were made by Soros on the markets by the man who established the Soros Fund Management hedge fund empire.

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As a leading political figure in the U.S. and across Europe, George Soros is known for the success he has achieved as a major financial donor to the causes of left leaning candidates and political parties. Biography reports George Soros has become an expert on the problems facing the world in various regions, such as the U.S. and European Union where the refugee crisis of 2015 and 2016 has been high on the list of priorities for the former refugee from Hungary; the political awareness of the 86 year old has allowed him the opportunity to write more than 10 books about the problems that will soon face the financial markets and global economy. Among the books written by George Soros are those detailing just how the European Union is a globally important political and social experiment that should act as a beacon for political experts across the planet. In the U.S. the criticism George Soros has vocalized against President Donald Trump has seen him become a major financial supporter of Democrat’s, such as former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Learn more about his profile at