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Richard Blair: Investment and Financial Solutions From Austin, Texas

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has approached the role of financial advising through his firm as something in need of partnership with its clients. From his firms’ base in Austin, Texas, Blair has worked to help those who come seeking financial advice find solid plans that make their financial goals feasible. This places a sincere interest in those seeking investment advice with respect to their retirement plans, which makes up a significant deal of the Austin community.

To actualize these ambitions, Blair takes an approach in three steps, determining the current financial standing of the client, their prospective needs, and finding a way to connect those two things in a realistic way.

This requires Blair and his team of advisors to make sense of their client’s strengths and blind spots when it comes to managing money, as well as their appetite for risk in investing. This will eventually lead to the development of a strategy, taking years to fully implement, in order to meet the financial satisfaction of the client.

This is an involved process, one that relies on the comfort level of the client and their confidence in the person giving them the advice they’re asked to rely upon in order to best prepare for the future. Blair manages to pull this off by combining his knowledge of the financial industry along with his reputations as a citizen of Austin and a committed member to his community.

About Richard Blair:

Having seen both his mother and grandmother take great pride in imparting knowledge to their students, Blair has spent more than twenty years showing people how to make the most out of their money.

According to Manta, since 1994, Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions has operated in Austin, Texas. By partnering with some of the most qualified minds in the world of finance, Blair has accumulated the knowledge and experience necessary to help his clients grow in size and meet their financial needs.