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Orange Coast College’s New Planetarium Has Placed The Institution Ahead Of Others In Science

The Orange Coast College is a reputable institution of higher learning in the Orange County. The junior college contributes to most of the placements for advanced studies at the University of California and the California State University systems. Learn more:


Recently, the institution embarked on an ambitious architectural project that would see the school acquire one of the most futuristic planetariums. The project has been made possible by a donation of $1 million from a longtime professor of the college. Once the facility is complete, the students, faculty, and residents of the community college will get a more advanced experience in the subject of astronomy. The donation is a significant boost to the college and will feature some of the most advanced space surveillance tools. The planetarium will also include a device that will help demonstrate how the earth rotates around its orbit. Because technology has advanced rapidly in the recent years, the Orange Coast College approved the project so that it could benefit from the advances in technology and provide the best astronomy classes to the students. Learn more:


The new planetarium at the Orange Coast College will help put the institution ahead of others in the field of science. The science departments stand to gain a lot from this new development. The planetarium project is touted as one of the most ambitious projects that the institution has ever carried out. Orange Coast College is a campus that is situated in Costa Mesa, Southern California. The college prides itself on the quality of the programs it offers to students.


Orange Coast College has seen remarkable growth over the years thanks to a dedicated faculty and students who are keen to excel in their profession. The junior college mainly offers courses that take two years to complete, and then students get a chance to transfer to private colleges and universities of their choice across the US.


The Orange Coast College offers the best courses for students who are transitioning from high school to the university. The institution has a broad curriculum that covers over 135 academic and career programs. If you are looking to sharpen your skills, the Orange Coast College is your best bet.