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Brian Bonar’s Blueprints On Finances

Brian has used his financial expertise to make business operations easier for small to mid-sized businesses. He’s on the board of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a parent company to several subsidiaries that Bonar has been instrumental in founding.

For Bonar, the blueprints he’s used for financial success have involved cutting costs to small businesses through establishing systematic partnerships or through selling benefits packages that cut down costs in the long run. One of Bonar’s most well-known ideas has been a professional employer organization (PEO), an approach he’s implemented at several companies including Trucept Inc. (formerly SmarTek Solutions) and SourceOne Group.

A PEO is a company that handles the HR and accounting operations for the business they enter into a partnership with. Their service fees are smaller than costs it would entail these businesses to hire extra employees for these tasks and the PEO supplies the benefits for all company employees in addition to their own.

The partnering company can let the PEO handle the heavy lifting such as recruiting, interviewing and hiring with their permission new employees. They are usually listed as the company of record on employee earnings statements and tax forms.

The partnering company has the final say over hiring and termination decisions and can dissolve the partnership with the PEO at their own discretion. Bonar has helped popularize this form of business partnering in addition to using automated technology to help keep track of employee records.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has gained a deep knowledge of integrating technology with business and it began back when he worked for IBM UK Ltd. Bonar has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Strathclyde University in his motherland Scotland and got his MBA in the field from Staffordshire University just prior to joining IBM.

At IBM he oversaw various software developments and business system developments. In addition to IBM, Bonar also worked for QMS Management, Bezier Systems, Adaptec and the Solvis Group. He joined the San Diego company Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1995.

In addition to running several high tech companies and founding business partnership solutions, Bonar is also invested in the restaurant business. He’s made several acquisitions in the San Diego and Escondido area of California including Bellamy’s and soon the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

Brian Bonar certainly has a passion for food and fine dining and is doing all he can to attract tourists to this San Diego suburb with his restaurant investments. He’s also got quite the eye for chefs as leading the way at Bonar’s restaurant at Bellamy’s and soon Bandy Canyon is an award winning chef, Patrick Ponsaty. But when he isn’t busy on the hiring trail, you might find Bonar out on the golf course or out boating.