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Lovaganza, unity, and peace through embrace of our cultures as nations of the earth

The Lovaganza Entertainment franchise has its efforts focused on providing entertainment to inspire and at the same time bring wonder to the audiences of the world by exposition and discovery of cultures and nations of the world. The recordings of “The Marvelous 12” an animated series musical begun with Lovaganza founders Jean-François and Genevieve Gagnon. Jean and his wife Genevieve have been working as the director-producer-screen writer of this series. He is also the co-creator of the Lovaganza 2020 worldwide celebrations.

These series tell a backstory of “The Lovaganza Convoy” films is to be presented during the Lovaganza traveling show, which builds up to the Lovaganza 2020 global celebrations scheduled for May to September 2020. These series are recorded at the legendary Abbey Road. According to Jean, the studios has made its name known with works such as Star Wars. The Lovaganza convoy trilogy takes LOVAGANZA’s “Bohemian Adventure” to another level. Numerous exciting mediums of cinema are employed that takes one around the world. This is achieved through action, mystery, comedy, drama and suspense on a whole new level again.

The show will feature fascinating landscapes of the earth and will be showcased in stunning 3600 glass-less 3d wraparound screen. It is filmed and likewise exhibited by use of excellent innovations-IMMERSCOPE Technology. The trilogy of Lovaganza will be presented to anxious and eagerly waiting audiences around the world on large 1800 glasses 3D screens IMMERSCOPE traveling theaters and regular 3D theaters. This will be during the months building up to the LOVAGANZA 2020 celebrations.

Many creative and big names are working on this project, and this includes Universal Studios who do motion capture for this film. The Lovaganza brings hands from all over the world for peace, unity, and sustainability of our future generation. It’s a one in a kind act as showcase leading up to the main celebrations are to take place in more than 50 nations.

The branding and planning procedures of the Lovaganza is in two different ways, for profit-Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise on Instagram, which is a primary a showcase of the world’s cultures and nations. The second structure is the nonprofit entity-The Lovaganza Foundation, focused towards the use of Lovaganza achievements for positive impact and support of global initiatives.