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Securus Technologies Counters the Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Inaccurate

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technological services in the civil and criminal justice system, investigation, and the correction facilities. Global Tel Link (GTL) is a private telecommunication company that offers telephone services to prison.


On June 9, 2016, the Securus released a press to correct the GTL’s press issued on June 7, 2016. Securus Technologies sought to correct and clarify on some GTL’s claims:


First Allegation


GTL said that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board ruling on GTL’s US patent No. 7,256,816 allowed them to demand compensation from Securus Technologies about pending cases in Texas federal court.


Second Allegation


GTL stated that PTAB maintained the 55 claims of the patent case. This protects continued use of the GTL in the prisons.


Securus Technologies objected to this claim by saying that PTAB didn’t examine those claims.


Third Allegation


According to GTL, PTAB concluded that the innovations are patentable. This, therefore, enabled the company to seek a court order to protect its technology.


However, Securus Technologies said that the PTAB didn’t determine on the patentability of any innovation. This limits GTL’s capacity to go to court regarding the issue.


Fourth Allegation


GTL said it was about to go to court in a short period to show how Securus Technologies has infringed its patents.

Securus Technologies, on the other hand, says the court is not about to hear any evidence anytime soon. Instead, the court will be able after hearing from the involved parties.


Fifth Allegation


GTL are now expecting compensation from Securus Technologies. Also, GTL said if damages are granted, the Securus stop using their technology.

Securus Technologies argue that their rivals patented technology is not being used. As a result, there is not infringement has taken place.


Sixth Allegation


GTL said that Securus Technologies has a habit of suing and settling with competitors. They have now evolved to using new legal claims and use of media to resolve contentions in their favor. GTL will defend their case in court.


Securus Technologies justifies its reputation. It has always followed all legal requirements when using technology to show the value they give to intellectual property rights among others. Additionally, Securus has more patents than GTL.


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  • Amani Xzavier

    May 13, 2017

    Securus Technologies said the fact that GTL cannot ask for payment because from the Texas District Court because the case at the federal court stays. It is natural that the best essay writers review do the court review at the right time.

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