Vijay Eswaran Philosophies of Life

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, founder and executive chairman of a Q1 group of companies that deal with real estate, hospitality, retail and education. He is also a successful author of philosophical books. He became the founder and chairman of RHYTHM foundation, Quest international university Perak from 2005 to date.

How to embrace change

Vijay Eswaran says the difference is within you and you can decide to change or remain the same. Even though change is a personal choice, it goes through cycles. One set of change will lead to another, and once you start changing, another move will follow to make you a whole new person mentally, physically and spiritually.

Change requires sacrifice it does not come for free. You will go through pain to become the person you desire to be. Vijay says, when changing, you should not change the goodness in you. Some good parts of you should remain unchanged.

How Fear leads to success

Fear is not choosy. It affects everyone regardless of gender and social status. How you handle fear is what matters. Vijay says those who befriend and harness fear fuels them to reach the success of their dreams. Those who allow fear to consume them live a rough life of guilt and unhappiness. Fear can paralyse your life or fuel you to success.

He also reveals how fear reveals itself to people. It comes as excitement in disguise, it clouds a layer in your subconscious mind for you to fail, but once you take the initiative to overcome it, you become excited after achieving your goals.

Vijay’s view of servant leadership

Eswaran defines a real leader as one who puts the needs of other people before his. A servant leader cares about other people and has a clear vision of where he wants to take his people. Each person under servant leadership has clear roles to help reach the destination. You need to have core values of humility, honesty, acceptance, truth and compassion to be a servant leader. You should also be committed to helping other people grow and become better versions of themselves. The willingness to sacrifice your time and resources to help others should come naturally with you.

Vijay empowers people to live each day at a time as nothing is guaranteed tomorrow. The books he has written motivate people to maximise their time and overcome fear to reach success.