What Jim Hunt Thinks About Before Investing

The current CEO at VTA publications is one of the most influential thinkers when it comes to the world of investing and entrepreneurship. He has gained a lot of popularity because whether the market is bullish or bearish, he always manages to make the right investment choices. The best thing about his investment model is that he has incorporated technology into it. He makes use of his YouTube channel as a way of sharing his ideas with people that follow him. He is very popular among the new investors because he has a talent in taking even the most complex investment ideas and explaining them using the simplest ways he can.

He states that the best thing that happened to him was the establishment of VTA. He uses it as a platform to let his customers get an understanding on how the big banks work. His goal is to see more people take control over their financial futures which is not happening at the moment as many people are being milked dry by the banks.

The first thing Jim does when he wakes up is exercise. He states that there is nothing that does a better job at opening up the mind than exercise. The exercise is followed by brainstorming with partners and associates to come up with ideas for his online community. He prefers to spend the evenings with his family.

Of all the changes that have been happening in the world of business and investing, he states that biotech is the most interesting to him. He predicts that in the coming years, there will be inventions that will be far beyond what people can fathom today.

When asked whether there is a part of his life that he regrets, Jim stated on Twitter that he would not change anything about his life. He feels that every situation that he has been through has helped mold him into the successful entrepreneur that he has been.

About VTA publications

The company was started four years ago and provides customers with finance related information and services.   Learn more about Jim Hunt from his profile page on VTA Publications.

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    February 7, 2017

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